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Association Incorporated under Section 21

Not For Gain

Registration no 2000 / 026162 / 08 (CIPC) NPC

Tax Exemption18 /11 /13 / 2698

NPO 019 – 077

                                                                                                                                                                                  Health Certificate N3 – 3/ 75/2008

P.O. Box 2391 Primrose 1416

Physical 136 Cydonia Road

Primrose Hill GERMISTON

Tel: 011 825 7773 / Fax: 011 873 6551




Website Address:


As per our recent conversation, we have pleasure in introducing Chubby Chums and the projects to your concern:

We appeal to you for assistance in contributing items to be used in the toy run, list as follows;


Fluffy toys




Dry foods



We were established in 1999, to help address the needs of many children left destitute by poverty, abuse, sexually, physically and mentally abused, and orphaned.

It is the shortfall that Chubby Chums covers,

The children are our future, and ought to be heard. The Children are creative and have capabilities and learn through trying.

As adults our task is to take their hands and walk alongside to translate their ideas into action.

The orphans need people in their lives to show care, someone to relate to, confide in and to encourage them in their time of need.


We will be hosting a toy run for the disadvantaged children that is in our care in the child care and protection system. Riders can join the ride,

or ride in your own cars or motorcycle’s to the venue (venue to be confirmed at a later stage).

This will be a very special day for the children. There will be lots of fun for the whole families

This will take place on the 2 December 2017.

Host and DJ for the Day(Confirmed): DJ Mark Stent

We intend to host stalls, which would be available to rent if you or your company would be interested.



We think of our children first – let us work together and make it happen.

Our children are our future, so let us give them the love, support, care and life they deserve.

Please help us to help our little ones. – We need to do this as a community in general.

We at Chubby Chums appreciate any form of assistance that your concern may offer whether it is Product or Monetary.

Our goal is to network with companies and private individuals by getting them involved with all the homes and projects in our care, and addressing the need at a higher level.

For further information please log into our Website:

For more information please do not hesitate to call our offices at any given time



Deputy Director: Lynette Rutger, Senior Manager: Dorné Pretorius, Admin Manager: Felicia Gaza,   Chairperson: Sheryl Taylor,

Vice Chairperson: Sandra Da Silva, Treasurer: A. Graham; Secretary: Ronell Lambert, Patrons: K Lowenstein; Janet Goemans:

 Legal Advisor: Aubery Silma Committee Members:  Styles Maome (S.A.P S.), Paul Willembure, Lydia Cindi,

 Derek O’Donnell, Marita Van Vuuren, Prudence Majalila, Kennedy Mwashusha, Lettie Langley, Damon Tasker