With Children Be Safe And Chubby Chums The Theme


Together we dreamt and built this dream A little one scared lost with nowhere to go

Chubby Chums hold out a hand and travels the road to a temporary safety care place.

Where there is love hope and care No more crying, hiding, no more fear.

No more sexual abuse, physical abuse Emotional abuse, neglect.

Our deepest thanks and appreciation Especially from our children

Who now have a home a bed a Future Our greatest inspiration




The home as been registered by DSD as place of safety for abused and abandoned children, there has been a huge influx of babies into the Home.  These babies are in the process of being tested for HIV/AIDS.  Sadly, a number of little ones have been lost this year and as usual, Chubby Chums has been very involved with the funerals. We look for premises for the Children’s Home in Dunnotar Nigel, and were registered in a Trust Fund at the beginning of January 2006. The building belonged to the SAP Training College, so you can imagine what the condition of the building looked like. The home has a major job regarding renovations, as the premises consists of a pool, a huge warehouse, garage facilities, as well as eight small houses. The house consists of four rooms with verandahs we have enclosed the stoeps and added bathrooms and shower facilities. All these houses are completed and fully functional The Children use the huge dinning room to eat, The Kitchen is fully equipped to cook a healthy meal three times a day. We have also installed a cooler room  for the perishable.  Outside the Kitchen area there are storage facilities there is an office for the Senior Social worker an auxiliary Social Worker, where she does paper work and a playroom, which is used for counseling purposes, we have completed the reception area plus a director’s office. There is a big Boardroom for the monthly management meetings; we have completed setting up a computer/study/library facility for the children. The home has erected one pre-fab for the laundry room. The home has laid two huge concrete slabs for the Boys’ and Girls’ Village, which will be erected soon. We have converted the garages into storage rooms. We have managed to put up a soccer field. For the boys to play soccer  



The home can accommodate 90 children. The home is in the process of structuring the Boys village, which will accommodate 20 boys and Girls Village will accommodate 20 Girls. Hospice Units, which have 40 fully blown HIV/AIDS Children who are terminally ill. We have installed an incinerator, as these nappies cannot be disposed of in normal methods. Baby Sanctuary has 10 babies.       

(CRÈCHE)  We have linked a crèche to the Children’s Home. And in the process of registration. Rape and Crisis Trauma Unit. This unit is based on the property and is available for all rape victims, where we have a District Surgeon on stand-by. The reason for using the Home is because it is Child Friendly, and the child will not feel threatened. Conflict With the Law We are in the process of working with the law, to prevent the child being put into prison. They must first come to the Home where we will rehabilitate them by showing them what is right and what is wrong. Prisons are not the ideal environments to prevent future misconduct, where as we can teach them to become law-abiding citizens. In the near future music for the children will be erecting a stage for the purpose of cultural events, on the other side we will be doing a charity shop to generate further income for the home, we are also in the processes of putting up a playground, and netball field for the children. The boys will be involved in the gardening project. We are also in the process of trying to set up a Special Need classroom for the sick children, who cannot attend school, but can still be schooled educationally.



Today dawned hot and dry, but it was a day never to be forgotten.


We had planned to spend the day at one of the homes after a tour of the offices in Primrose Hill.  The offices are wooden Wendy houses set up in the back garden.  This is the hub of all collections and donations of all twelve children’s homes, as well as the training center, which is used to educate the community with up to date information and statistics of the HIV / AIDS pandemic.  Counseling is also done on these premises in a home - like setting.


Martin, director and founder of Chubby Chums, gave up his career to start this operation, and throws his heart and soul into it, sometimes working round the clock as he is on standby for the police and child protection units.  He is often called by court in the middle of the night to fetch a child removed from their abusive parents.


We then decided to pay a short visit to one of the Homes: The Children’s Home and Nurturing Centre (Place of Safety) in Springs.  After an hour’s driving, we arrived on the far side of Springs, at what looked like a bush camp, dry red soil with little prefabricated buildings dotted about, and a beautiful old house which we were to learn was the Hospice and the core of the village.  This was when the heartbreaking, but rewarding day began.


This particular Home houses 90 children, half of which are HIV positive or are in full-blown stage of AIDS. The other children have either been abused sexually, physically, and mentally and / or abandoned The tour of the Hospice was a revelation.  Everything was so warm and friendly, so clean. As we entered the Hospice, we could not but help notice the “Wall of Remembrance”.  On this wall, Chubby Chums frames a picture of each little one which passes away because of HIV / AIDS.  What was touching about the wall of remembrance is that below each child’s name was a brief inscription of how each little one had lived its hard life.


Little babies fast asleep in clean cots, curled up and peaceful, totally oblivious to the fact that they have a life threatening disease hanging over their heads.  Including the other 31 homes that Chubby Chums have in their care, they are responsible for approximately 2000 mothers and children infected with HIV / AIDS, and a total of 40.500 children, of which about one third are Aids orphans.


We soon began to realize that the best thing one could give these children was not presents or sweets, but lots of hugs.  We soon found ourselves with little arms wrapped around us from every direction.  With the older children, although they were happy too, behind many of those faces lay stories of pain that none of we could ever imagine.  The cigarette burns, the broken limbs, the bruises and bumps from being used as “human punch bags and footballs”, not to mention the haunted looks on the faces of the young girls in the age group of seven or eight that have been raped or sexually assaulted.

Chubby Chums have done so much to help these children, not only by getting donations, but also by including these children and homes in their own lives.  They try to visit each home at least twice a week to spend quality time with the children. What a rewarding day!  You had to look at the positive side, if it was not for Chubby Chums, these children would have little or no future.  The fact that we got to know Chubby Chums and the homes in their care has enriched our lives, as well as those of the children.

We are very impressed with the relationship that Chubby Chums has with all governmental departments .

Chubby Chums is also looked to by government as a source of knowledge and experience to assist them as they work on the ground and in the field