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Chubby Chums was established in 1999 to help address the needs of the many children left destitute by poverty, disease and abuse.  What was started as a two-man operation (by Martin Barnard and Tony Graham), working out of an enclosed verandah has grown to incorporate 36 Children’s Homes. With their transparent and open approach to all they do, even Government Departments are opening their doors and, more importantly, their purse strings for the Children. 

The Organization was registered as a Section 21 Corporation in 2000. They are also registered as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO), Non-Government Organization (NGO), and Public Benefit Organization (PBO) and have a Tax Exemption Number.  We have since been issued with a Health Certificate we are now registered with Cypro with the new section laws.


Martin Barnard has always had a great love for children. His compassionate nature inspired him provide a very special Organization for abandoned, physically, sexually abused and malnutrition children. Martin then realized the great need to assist HIV/AIDS Mothers, Children and Orphans. His integrity as a Child Protection Officer is endorsed by the Department of Welfare – Johannesburg and Pretoria and he is working with BOTH Local, Provincial, National Government to address the needs of the various communities and will do anything to help the disadvantaged communities.

Martin has overcome many obstacles on this rocky road, with his partner, volunteers as well as all spheres of Government Departments and has succeeded in what he set out to do. Martin, His partner and volunteers are dedicated to making life a little more bearable by giving the Mothers, Children and Orphans as much love, support and assistance as possible.

There is nothing that Martin would not do for a Child – many years ago; he delivered a baby in a supermarket.  During the years, he has gone through more than the average person, and on many a night, he is called out to assist a rape victim, a child.  This destroys him for at least a week.


All donations and collections are to be distributed from the Chubby Chums Head Quarters, in Primrose, as we need to monitor the goods on a daily basis. As the need varies from Home To Home, we distribute accordingly.



Today dawned hot and dry, but it was a day never to be forgotten.

We had planned to spend the day at one of the homes after a tour of the offices in Primrose Hill.  The offices are wooden Wendy houses set up in the back garden.  This is the hub of all collections and donations of all twelve Children’s homes, as well as the training center, which is used to educate the community with up to date information and statistics of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  Counseling is also done on these premises in a home - like setting.

Martin, Director/Founder of Chubby Chums, gave up his career to start this operation, and throws his heart and soul into it, sometimes working round the clock as he is on standby for the police and child protection units.  He is often called by court in the middle of the night to fetch a child removed from their abusive parents.

We then decided to pay a short visit to one of the Homes: The Children’s Home and Nurturing Center (Place of Safety) in springs.  After an hour’s driving, we arrived on the far side of springs, at what looked like a bush camp, dry red soil with little prefabricated buildings dotted about, and a beautiful old house which we were to learn was the Hospice and the core of the village.  This was when the heartbreaking, but rewarding day began.

This particular Home houses 90 children, half of which are HIV positive or are in full-blown stage of AIDS. The other children have either been abused sexually, physically, and mentally and / or abandoned the tour of the Hospice was a revelation.  Everything was so warm and friendly, so clean. As we entered the Hospice, we could not but help notice the “Wall of Remembrance”.  On this wall, Chubby Chums frames a picture of each little one which passes away because of HIV / AIDS.  What was touching about the wall of remembrance is that below each child’s name was a brief inscription of how each little one had lived its hard life.

Little babies fast asleep in clean cots, curled up and peaceful, totally oblivious to the fact that they have a life threatening disease hanging over their heads.  Including the other 31 homes that Chubby Chums have in their care, they are responsible for approximately 2000 mothers and children infected with HIV / AIDS, and a total of 56.5000 children, of which about one third are Aids orphans.

We soon began to realize that the best thing one could give these children was not presents or sweets, but lots of hugs.  We soon found ourselves with little arms wrapped around us from every direction.  With the older children, although they were happy too, behind many of those faces lay stories of pain that none of we could ever imagine.  The cigarette burns, the broken limbs, the bruises and bumps from being used as “human punch bags and footballs”, not to mention the haunted looks on the faces of the young girls in the age group of seven or eight that have been raped or sexually assaulted.

Chubby Chums have done so much to help these children, not only by getting donations, but also by including these children and homes in their own lives.  They try to visit each home at least twice a week to spend quality time with the children. What a rewarding day!  You had to look at the positive side, if it was not for Chubby Chums, these children would have little or no future.  The fact that we got to know Chubby Chums and the homes in their care has enriched our lives, as well as those of the children.

We are very impressed with the relationship that Chubby Chums has with all spheres of Governmental Departments.

Chubby Chums is also looked, by Government, as a source of knowledge and experience to assist them as they work on the ground, and in the field. The stipends that Chubby Chums receive are according to Government modules.

With Children Be Safe And Chubby Chums and The Team

Together we dreamt and built this dream A little one scared lost with nowhere to go

Chubby Chums hold out a hand and travels the road to a temporary safety care place.

Where there is love hope and care No more crying, hiding, No more fear.

No more sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, or neglect.

Our deepest thanks and appreciation:

 Especially from our Children:

Whom now have a Home, a Bed and a Future? Our greatest inspiration.

Working Together to Safeguard Children


The Home as been registered by DSD as Place of Safety for abused and abandoned children, there has been a huge influx of babies into the Home.  These babies are in the process of being tested for HIV/AIDS.  Sadly, a number of little ones have been lost this year and as usual, Chubby Chums has been very involved with the funerals. We look for premises for the Children’s Home in Dunnotar Nigel, and were registered in a Trust Fund at the beginning of January 2006. The building belonged to the SAP Training College, so you can imagine what the condition of the building looked like. The home has a major job regarding renovations, as the premises consists of a pool, a huge warehouse, garage facilities, as well as eight small houses. The house consists of four rooms with verandahs we have enclosed the stopes and added bathrooms and shower facilities. All these houses are completed and fully functional The Children use the huge dining room to eat in.

The Kitchen is fully equipped to cook a healthy meal three times a day. We have also installed a cooler room for the perishable.  Outside the Kitchen area there are storage facilities there is an office for the Senior Social worker an auxiliary Social Worker, where she does paper work and a playroom, which is used for counseling purposes, we have completed the reception area plus a Director’s office. There is a big Boardroom for the monthly management meetings; we have completed setting up a computer/study/library facility for the children. The home has erected one pre-fab for the laundry room.. We have converted the garages into storage rooms. We have managed to put up a soccer field for the boys to play soccer.  

The Home can accommodate 90 children with courts orders form 36  The Home has laid two huge concrete slabs for the Boys’ and Girls’ Village, which will be erected soon.

The Home is in the process of structuring the  Boys Village, which will accommodate

20 Boys and Girls Village will accommodate

20 Girls. Hospice Units, which have 40 fully blown HIV/AIDS Children who are terminally ill.

We have installed an Incinerator, as these nappies cannot be disposed of in normal methods.

Baby Sanctuary: have 10 babies.

(CRÈCHE)  We have linked a crèche to the Children’s Home. We are in the process of registration.

Rape and Crisis Trauma Unit: This unit is based on the property and is available for all rape victims, where we have a District Surgeon on stand-by. The reason for using the Home is because it is Child Friendly, and the Child will not feel threatened.

Conflict With the Law We are in the process of working with the law, to prevent the Child being put into prison.  They must first come to the Home where we will rehabilitate them by showing them what is right and what is wrong. Prisons are not the ideal environments to prevent future misconduct, where as we can teach them to become law-abiding citizens.

In the near future Music for the Children will be erecting a stage for the purpose of cultural events. On the other side we will be doing a Charity Shop to generate further income for the home, we are also in the processes of putting up a playground, and netball field for the children. The boys will be involved in the gardening project. We are also in the process of trying to set up a Special Need classroom for the sick children, who cannot attend school, but can still be schooled educationally. 

“Every Child has the right” to:

Appropriate alternative care, basic nutrition, education, shelter, health care and social services.

Be protected from maltreatment, neglect, abuse or degradation.

Extracted from the RSA constitution


At present the home has 50 orphans from birth to the age of 17yrs.  We do assist them with their daily needs. Some of these children are HIV Positive, abused and abandoned. This Home was registered with the Department in 2002, and is run by volunteers.  In December a 17yrs old school girl was placed with her child.  The Home is situated in Midrand.  We are in the process of assisting in refurbishing the Home.  The Home also runs a feeding scheme for about 1420 orphans, seven days a week. There is a crèche linked to the Home. We are networking with the entire community and offer family counseling, when necessary.

The Home had to extend our Soup Kitchens in the area for the poor and vulnerable children who are destitute.  We have managed to obtain bigger premises for the Home from one of our sponsors Terex Africa, we now have drawn up plans to build on the site so that we can accommodate more children and make it feel like home. Due to the crisis we have plenty abandoned babies/children.

We place these kids on a temporary basis at the Home until we can find suitable candidates for fostering or adoption. The reason for expanding the Home is due to a huge influx of abandoned babies, and the premises are very small where they are currently based. We must look upon these Children as our own and help them look through our eyes so that they can see a future and the rewards that life can offer. You cannot blame children.  It does not take anything away from you, if you care for children.  We need to get together and come to the rescue of vulnerable Children.


                        We are planning to erect Boys’ and Girls’ Villages,

Boy’s village will accommodate 20 boys

Girl’s Village will accommodate 20 Girls

                                                And then a Baby Sanctuary will accommodate 10 babies


All our children need is some nurturing and to know that somebody cares. Child protection is everyone’s business.  You cannot afford to stand by and watch. Thousands of children are caught up in the ruthless mercy of been vulnerable. One in three girls and one in five boys will have been abused by the age 18 months.  Many children do not report abuse because they are sworn to secrecy, or they are threatened, bribed or blamed and they live in a state of fear, shame and anxiety.                           


Vuyani Safe Haven is situated in the Eastern Cape and was established to care for street children, abused and abandoned children.  Martin Barnard visited them in August 2004 and found that they were in need of assistance and the children were desperate for love and attention. Chubby Chums has spent time with the founders and initiated programs for them.  Chubby Chums is working very closely with Vuyani, telephonically and via email, and they are progressing extremely well.  Future plans are to open a hospice unit and a baby sanctuary.  Chubby Chums send products, clothing, etc. whenever possible and are continually working with Government on possible improvements for the Home.  The Home was originally registered to look after street children but due to the new Children’s Act everything has changed dramatically, all places must now be registered as CHILD AND YOUTH CARE CENTER and have just done so in June 2014.

We are now in the process of registering the second Home for our special needs and older children to be placed in permanent care this is what we call Foster Cluster Care.  Our Founder/Director has visited the home some time ago, but has been dealing with Social Development in Gauteng to get them properly registered. Over the past years Vuyani Youth Care Center has expanded dramatically, we would like to do a Day Care Center, which will assist with the occupational therapy to reach out to their full potential of the children who are in the need of care. We are now in the process of training our Youth care workers in the CYCC, Child Youth Care Centre, as this is also one of the job opportunities for us to register our child and Youth Care Workers.

The Department of Social Development has been involved the process of the CYCC ‘Child Youth Care Centre’. We have the Clinic Bus visiting our CYCC ‘Child Youth Care Centre’ on the regular basis to render the services to the children in need of care. We have also an ECD ‘Early Child Development’ linked to our CYCC ‘Child Youth Care Centre’ as we aim to provide the best possible programs for our Children under the age of 5; the Child and Youth Care Workers are being trained to provide social economic development. They also have a project were they make jewellery items and they are participating in gumboot dancing.  We are also running Life Skills Programs where we hope to encourage the children to take responsibility for their lives and their future.  We are also running a re-unification program where we aim to impact value of their biological family and to assist them in the transformation period.  We have just handed over our business plans specifications to Social Development for the home

We are also in the process of multi-disciplinary team of professionals, when we look back at our history of the Home and how the Home has develop over the years, we are proud to be at this stage, the Children are still writing thank you letters to our Founder/Director by thanking him for his involvement in the Organization as they look up to us for strength and motivation this Home as come a long way but still have a lot to be done to be in line with the Children’s Act.

Government cannot eliminate the scourge on its own and a multi-sector response is required to address and end Child Abuse and Neglect.


The Home was established in 2004 then registered with Department of Social Development in 2005 as a Place of Safety.  The Health and Social Development Department approached Chubby Chums and enquired whether we were doing anything in Ennerdale Area.  The Department has now Partnership with us and to assist the Place of Safety. The Place of Safety is under our guidance and we monitor them very closely.

We place Children by using the form 22 / 23 / 36 with a Court Order from the Childcare Act.  We use the Place of Safety to place: Abandoned, Neglected, Abused, (Sexual, Physical, and Emotional), Violence’s Abuse, Vulnerable Children, and Child Trafficking Victims. This is only a temporary placement.  Johannesburg Child Protection Unit places a lot of children in the Place of Safety overnight and only by court order.  We are working with all Clinics, S A Police Services, Social Workers and Psychologists to guide their Children beyond their post hurts and rejection and their present developmental difficulties.

We currently restructuring into two sections: whereby the one will be for a Place of Safety and the second section will be a Home. Reason being that the Children experience too much trauma when placed into a strange home, therefore they will first be in a place of safety then placed in the Home, which is a requirement by the new Children’s Act.  The Councilor in the area is looking for land in order to get plans drawn up and arrange for a Children’s Home, which will be linked to a Place of Safety at present. A further development is that Government is working towards ECD Center at the Place of Safety. It will be a Kids Corner a place to play .  The child will be empowered with the necessary skills.  

We are also in the process of doing Foster Clustering Scheme for the Orphans that are in need of care. The There has been a huge influx of vulnerable children in the area The Place of Safety can accommodate 60 children. Children bring Colour to our world if we let them. Let us put some Colour in theirs by give them lots of love.  Why then are it so dark for so many of our Children Out there!!! Please!!! Tell me if you can. We have spent time with the children at the Place of Safety.

We are doing a campaign on war on poverty in Ennerdale Area. Please help us to help other Children, as we know that the Children of today must sustain our society in the future and with goods education, love and support this would not be possible without help.  It is such a shame to see the children in such pain if you look at their faces you can see a story that they can tell.


Our outreach programs like Soup Kitchens, Feeding Programs, and Vegetable Gardens     

                        We are planning to erect a Boy’s and Girl’s Village,

Boy’s Village will accommodate 30 boys

Girl’s Village will accommodate 30 Girls

                        And then a Baby Sanctuary will accommodate 20 babies


We have made a remarkable journey, since our beginning, crosscutting issues all about Child Protection and the Children in need of care and protection. Increased access to safety and care and support for Children exposed to abusive, traumatic and difficult situations .A Children’s Home in Germiston has approached us for assistance and guidance seeing that the Government is utilizing us for the Children’s Protection system, knowledge and experience in the Child Protection field.

This Home is a Children’s Home where the Home has residential programs and can accommodate up to 90 children.

We are utilizing this Home to place Children that have been neglected, abused or abandoned.  These Children are only placed here by  form 36 Court orders.  These Children are only placed for a minimum period until we can reunite them back with their families and or foster care is an alternative option. We currently busy with Government to do Foster Cluster Schemes, as this is in the Children’s guidelines and principals of the Children’s act to rather place them with foster care rather than an institution there is a living independent program that provides long term residential care to Children that cannot be reunited with their families or placed with an existing Family member, this is when Foster Care will take place.

There is an Early Learning Development Program that pays special attention to the Children in the residential care who are developing mental delays either due to the different circumstances pertaining to the Children or reach developmental milestones in order to reduce the risk of having some or other disability.

As you can see we have a daunting task with all our programs that fall under our hub of Chubby Chums


The Center is all Welfare and Development. They were told to go to Chubby Chums for assistants by Department of Social Development.  They were very impressed with the relationship that Chubby Chums has with all spheres of Governmental Departments. They were told that Chubby Chums: is also looked by Government as a source of knowledge and experience to assist them as we work on the ground and in the field. They were looking for lot of assistance for this Home.  They were on the verge of getting registered as a (CYCC) Child and Youth Care Place to stay as per the Children Act.  The Home can accommodate 150 Children between the age of birth and 18 years. At present they have 80  Children.  A School in Malvern has given the Home a piece of land and on the piece of land they would like to do a Crèche for the Children and then a Home so we can keep the little one of the street. The land is quit big so there for we need big containers so we can do this project.  They have to start from scratch so you can imagine what must been done and the list is endless. We have started assisting the Home to feed, clothe and take care of the needs of Children. Home for residential Place of Safety for 20 Children any given time.  The Home also runs a feeding scheme for about 1850  vulnerable Children; seven days a week from their premises. 

We need to do a sponsor a bedroom.  In the bedroom we must have bunk beds and it must be metal beds.

The Orphanage is doing these programs


This is an outreach program. This is where most of the kids they get comfort that they don’t get from their families and relatives. In some case, people from comfortable households find that their circumstances have changed so dramatically as a result of the economic recession that they are forced on to the streets. Social Welfare and Development and Home Day Care seeks to help those abused, abandoned, vulnerable, unwanted, and orphaned to reconstruct their shattered lives and seeks long-term solution were the Child is able to return to School and his own family or relatives. To facilitate a safe and neat home environment where the children can find a place of love, care, and protection. Where they are experiencing the motherly nourishment, physically, spiritually and emotional support. This Home is a safe net for the Children that are very vulnerable at a young age.


Our outreach programs like Soup Kitchens, Feeding Programs, and Vegetable Gardens.    

We are planning a Boy’s ‘Dormitory that will accommodate 30 boys.

We are planning a Girl’s Dormitory will accommodate 30 girls.

And a Baby Sanctuary will accommodate 20 babies.

We need Showers & Toilets for the Girls and Boys Dormitories.


As our Founder/Director has been trained in the International Program of the elimination of Child Labour, Child trafficking, trafficking all Adults, and also been trained as a trainer in Child Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation: The Cleveland SAPS, Capt. Nzuza has approached us to help assist and guide and monitor.  Martin is a Child Protection Officer and he knows how to deal with child protect issues.

This is one of our new homes that we have taken under our wing due to the Child Trafficking in our Country.  It is a very sensitive issue that we are dealing with Children that have been trafficked. You would ask yourself WHAT are they would do this to our Children, where they sell our Children and make profit.

What is a Child Trafficking?

It seems that when you are taken from the place where you live to another place inside or outside the Country in order for the Trafficker to take advantage of our Children. You would often been misinformed or tricked into leaving your area, home/work or community.

Who traffics children and when?

Strangers, people that you know, like your family/neighbors/friend/girlfriend or boyfriend. Organized gangs, different people are involved at different stages that might also be involved in different activities. It can happen anytime or anyplace.

Reasons for Child Trafficking:

To do illegal or dangerous work, to beg on the streets, to smuggle or sell drugs or illegal adoptions to use them as a soldier in conflict or combat being child soldiers, for your body parts or organs and for sexual purposes. You are isolated from other people may be forced to have sex with other people for money, presents, food or favors. The money might be given to a person controlling your situation and allows you to be abused. You would not have any freedom in such situation.

What makes you vulnerable to be trafficked?

Family problems, poverty, having fee or limited opportunities for earning a living and unemployment, lack of education.  If you not aware of how to protect yourself, living in different circumstances, living on the streets or involved in petty crime.

The process of Trafficking:

Stage 1 - Recruitment:

You are persuaded top leave your home at your own free will, sometimes you will be tricked or deceived into going by being promised a better life.

Stage 2 - Transport:

It means that when you are moved. You might be kept hidden or traveled in dangerous or uncomfortable circumstances. The trafficker will usually keep all the travel documents with him/her in order to control you.

Stage 3 - Destination:

Arriving at the final destination place where you are going to be taken advantage of.  This is when you find out the truth. Different people might be involved in the processes and you might be abused at different times and stages. Abuse includes forced Child Labour and sexual exploitation.

Please be aware of these situations and please be aware that there is new trafficking act out in trafficking children and adults. Can you now see how dangerous this is to our vulnerable children that are out there?  This is where the Child Protection system takes effect immediately. We have done a booklet on guidelines for acceptable on household chores with the child Labour Program of action this is done with age appropriate and give them a sense of responsibility.

The Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa specifically states that every child has the right to be protected from maltreatment, Child Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation. Regardless of this constitutional right, every day thousands of children around the country are still victims and/or witnesses of physical, sexual and emotional violence and Child Abuse/Neglect and Exploitation.  Children’s Rights and Welfare of the Child, that provides statutory protection towards providing a better life for children. Other relevant international instruments and which the country has adopted in reforming the laws pertaining to children are, the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children.

Let’s work Together to promote, protect and strengthen families

To give effect to the Republic’s obligations concerning the trafficking of persons in terms of international agreements; to provide for an offence of trafficking in persons and other offences associated with trafficking in persons; to provide for penalties that may be imposed in respect of the offences; to provide for measures to protect and assist victims of trafficking in persons; to provide for the coordinated implementation, application and administration of this Act; to prevent and combat the trafficking in persons within or across the borders of the Republic; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

RECOGNISING that the search for improved socio-economic circumstances and the demand for the services of victims of trafficking contribute to making persons vulnerable to becoming victims of trafficking; CONCERNED by the increase of trafficking in persons, especially women and children, and the role played by organized criminal networks in the trafficking of persons globally; SINCE the South African Common Law and Statutory law do not deal with the problem of trafficking in persons adequately; AND SINCE the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, enshrines the right to human dignity, equality, the right to freedom and security of the person, which includes the right not to be deprived of freedom arbitrarily or without just cause, and not to be treated in a cruel, inhuman or degrading way, the right not to be subjected to slavery, servitude or forced Labour, and the right of children to be protected from maltreatment, neglect, abuse or degradation; and MINDFUL of the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children, Supplementing the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, 2000, and other International agreements which place obligations on the Republic of South Africa towards the combating and ultimately, the eradication of trafficking in persons.


We have taken a Shelter under our wing, as this is real poverty.  The Shelter is for Abandoned Women and Children (18 mothers and 78 little ones). When I asked about their meals – I was horrified.  Breakfast – water and bread, lunch – tea and bread, Supper – a saucer of vegetables if there is any. We are currently attempting to assist the Crèche with all relevant facilities as these particular little ones were roaming the streets pleading for handouts, as most little orphans would do. We are liaising with the Department of Home Affairs to establish whether these little ones were registered at birth, which we doubt, as any past history is unknown. We are working with other shelters in the area as well. In Xenophobic crisis The Children and Mothers that are in the Shelter do not stay there permanently this is only temporary accommodation and we place trafficked Children in the Shelter as they can deal with the languish barriers. We must remember a Child is a Child and in the best interest of the Child.



We are pleased to announce the birth of our “TEDDY BEAR CRECHE” at our Shelter. Children within close proximity of the Shelter attend our Crèche where they play with only a piece of hardboard and crayons. After a visit to the Crèche, in perfect unification, they clap hands and sing a song of thanks for spending a short time with them at their little Crèche. We are in the process of registering the Crèche. We have 178 children at present.  We managed to enclose the back area so that they can still play even if it’s raining. We provide food parcels for the destitute families in the area it is amassing how these Children come from different countries and get along with each other the Children do not speak the same language there is a language barrier. But you must see how they play together it is so sweet to see them get along with each other.


The Safe House was established in 2001.  She was registered with Department of Social Development in September 2007. Caroline received a Health Practitioner Certificate in November 2007.  We use the Safe House to place abandoned children.  This is only a temporary placement. We look for alternative arrangements for fostering. She also accommodates orphaned street children. She has a feeding scheme in the informal settlement in Vosloorus.  She is running an ECD Center (Early Childhood Development). We assist her with her feeding scheme in the informal settlements. At present we are feeding 860 people.  We also assist her with all her daily requirements. We have fortunately found a sponsor to purchase land in Heidelberg, only 15 km away where we hope to start building soon. We are also using the ground to do a veggie garden. Caroline’s current property is sadly a little too small especially for the placing of children who have been removed from their homes as a result of abuse, abandonment etc. Our Founder/Director, who is a senior member of Child Protection Unit, frequently has to remove children within the same area. The plans have been submitted and we are now appealing to the corporate and private section for sponsorship toward the building of the new property. She houses Children from 3 months to 10 years. Caroline is a HIV/AIDS Councilor. We have made progress by assisting her in the feeding scheme and our aim is now to develop her skills so that the Home may grow. Thuthuzela, A sign of hope and comfort where frowns are replaced by smiles and tears are replaced by contentment, where hope, healthy life and justice replace despair.


There has been a huge influx of Vulnerable Children into the Safe House

This is why they are planning to erect Boys and Girl’s Villages,

Boy’s Village will accommodate 20 Boys

Girl’s village will accommodate 20 Girls

And then a Baby Sanctuary will accommodate 10 babies

A (CRÈCHE) will be linked to the Children’s Safe House


Quietly snuggled in an East Rand suburb is our latest acquirement, Sanctuary; these little ones have been abandoned, orphaned or sadly HIV/AIDS infected/ affected.  Within the area there are four houses: the Children are cared for physically, emotionally and spiritually – plus, unconditional loved.  When we visited the home, one of the children was on double oxygen, obviously a critical situation. The Director of the Sanctuary is a highly trained paramedic and would forsake all, for the Children. Once a week a Doctor accompanies, care workers to Katlehong where food packages are distributed to 35 families, stricken by HIV/AIDS.  At the Sanctuary we felt comfortable and at ease.  One would never believe what these Children go through There has been a huge influx of children into the sanctuary Hospice unit, due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.


The abovementioned project is caring for 120 HIV/AIDS positive orphans, destitute Children ranging from 3 months to 7 years.  These numbers are about to change due to poverty in the area.  We feed them, clothe them and see to their everyday needs. The Home has managed to get a church involved that has built a full on Crèche for us to accommodate more little ones.  We would like to do a play area for the little ones to do their outdoor activities. We have drawn up plans to extend the normal home so that they can accommodate more Children So that the little ones feel that they are part of the community, being loved, and educated, at the end of the day, become somebody, and contribute to our economy. The Home is doing a feeding scheme for the poor and vulnerable three times a week. They also do counseling. They give the children the opportunity to recover from their trauma and abuse.  They also receive therapy.  They work very closely with the schools in the area.  In the near future we would like to help the informal Settlement with home base care for the terminally ill patients who are bedridden.  There are plans in the pipeline of opening a hospice unit for the very sick children so that they can pass away with dignity.


Johannesburg Child Welfare Director had told Yvonne to contact Chubby Chums for the correct procedure and protocols for the registration of the Home.  22 Children that have been abandoned and abused are placed in the Home. We are busy liaising with all Government Departments, regarding the registration and proto-call of the Children’s Home. We have assisted in supplying the Regulatory Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit and Fire Blankets.  We are now in the process of turning this Home into a Foster Cluster Home. They are also doing a feeding scheme in the Alberton Informal Settlement.  Yvonne is entirely devoted to the Children and looks upon them as her own. The Home has an outreach program of ours. They have a workshop in Germiston, “Self Help Project” to assist in sustaining themselves.        


Place of Safety for abused and abandoned children

Our founder and director has been ask to meteor this home as it is a very new home there is  a relationship that has been established between the home and is been  capacity and development  with our director

Putting the children first

Children in South Africa live in a society under our Constitution that has the highest regard for their rights and for the equality and dignity of everyone. Protecting children from violence, exploitation and abuse is not only a basic value, but also an obligation clearly set out in Article 28 of the South African Constitution. Despite the best efforts of the South African Government and civil society to protect children from child abuse, neglect and exploitation, it is a fact that many children still remain vulnerable.

To advance the best interests of children in all matters affecting them

To promote and enable the realization of the rights to survival, development, protection and participation

To mobilize resources at all levels for children ‘s need and development Children like adults, are  not a homogeneous group they have different needs ,views ,experience and wishes and these may vary with their age and stage of development

We have started to feed in Marathon informal settlement and doing a soup kitchen in a school at the informal settlement in primrose to make sure that the children get a plate of  food each day

We remain concerned for young people growing up in Gauteng with our rapid urbanization, informal settlements, single parent or child headed households, increased maternal HIV infection rate, poverty and difficulty in accessing child protection and other essential services.  We seek to maximize our impact through continued services, digital information dissemination to empower communities to deal with these social ills and promote positive transformation.

Chubby Chums and the children’s  homes  subscribes to the following values:

The best interest of the child - this principal governs all our work in the child protection  system

Child-Centeredness - provide child-centered services that take cognizance of the rights of children and young and

The home is doing a feeding scheme 7 days a week  we are in the presses of  registered with Department of Social Development  as a CYCC child and youth care center Our experience at Chubby Chums  well-known brand and our grassroots Community Centres gives us a unique position from which to intervene effectively to strengthen families and communities, promoting the African concept that children are central to our future


The Chair Person of the Katlehong CPU has approached Chubby Chums for assistance. The Center is called Tshepong Stimulation Center for the Mental Health Society. The parents drop the children off here on a daily basis.   The center can provide for the Mental and Physical Impaired Children. They help the parents to understand the needs of the Mentally Disabled Children. 

These Children become sexually active at a very young age.  We need to understand their behavior.  After all these are only children and they also deserve love and security a further development into the center we have managed to get foster parents for some of these children the children call me “Mlungu” that means the white man is come to feed them. The children has sends us letters to thank us for what we are doing for them and they are so happy that some is helping them.  We have taken the children on an outing, as everyone does forget about the Disabled Children.  You should see the expressions on their faces. It is so nice to see that they are enjoying themselves. What a differences we have made in each child life. We have put life back in to the Children after all a child is still a child no matter what. Let’s promote the slogan that says, “My Child is your Child, Your Child is my Child”.        



Children with disabilities are one of the most marginalized and excluded groups in society. Facing daily discrimination in the form of negative attitudes, lack of adequate policies and legislation, they are effectively barred from realizing their rights to healthcare, education, and even survival. They are less likely to attend school, access medical services, or have their voices heard in society. Their disabilities also place them at a higher risk of physical abuse, and often exclude them from receiving proper nutrition or humanitarian assistance in emergencies.

South Africa introduced the inclusive education policy in 1996 acknowledging the challenges of access to education for children with disabilities. To date more children with disabilities are enrolled in mainstream schools as compared to Special Schools, receiving the same quality education, studying the same curriculum as their able bodied peers. The protection and the rights of children with albinism are also included in this regard.

The S.A.P. of Primrose Const. Cramer of the Crime Prevention Unit asked us to visit the School/Home.  We visit the Children on a regular basis and give them as much love and attention as we can as who knows how much time there will be to do so in the future? The Children are our future, and ought to be heard. Children are creative and have capabilities and learn through trying. As adults our task is to take their hands and walk alongside to translate their ideas into action. The Children need people in their lives to show care, someone to relate to, confide in and to encourage them in their time of need. The children in the homes, with overwhelming problems, can get strong social support that could protect them from depression and strengthen them to cope with the realities of life.

Ithembelihle, meaning “Place of Good Hope” and is situated in a tranquil environment on the East Rand.  The children suffer from different types of disabilities such as poliomyelitis, muscular dystrophy, spinal bifida, cerebral palsy and amputee’s .The 180 Children live on the property under the watchful eyes of a loving principal and educators 24 hours a day. We have managed to get a sponsor to do the special bathrooms for the girls, and boys, so that these children can be washed in a little warm water during the cold winter days.  Every child is wheelchair bound and many of the wheelchairs need attention or replacing. How? In some, of the classrooms, the Children share a desk, in others, there are: no desks.  The dormitories, sparsely furnished, and cold, but on each little bed a teddy bear await a hug. Vegetable, yes, spinach once a week otherwise porridge and water, sugar and milk is not affordable .We thank you for your interest in our project. We are now in the process of establishing a physiotherapy center on the premises. The plans have already been drawn up and passed. We are fortunate now that Group 5 will be doing a new building for the disabled Children.


The Education Department has approached our Founder/Director at a conference pertaining to the needs of the School and Children, as the Government cannot work in isolation and depends on us because of our skills devotion, loyalty and maturity in the last 16 years. We have now been working with the Education Department on Physical Impaired Disabled Children. We are empowering them with awareness skills on Child Protection.  

Together fighting poverty for the Physical Impaired.  This seems to be a reality that people tend to forget about the disabled children.  They are also Human Beings that have rights.  We are not there yet, but no one accept ourselves shall ensure that this dream is realized and so let us roll up our sleeves and get down to work, fully understanding that the task to build the South Africa for which we yearn in a common responsibility we all share. These Children also need lots of love and attention.  These Children are special and unique and we must always remember these Children are physically challenged with various difficulties in their lives.

To create and sustain a safe, supportive, protective and caring environment for all Children in their homes, communities, schools and within Institutions. To strengthen, support the capacity of families, to protect and care for with Physically Impaired and vulnerable Children. Children’s participation should be seen as an ongoing process of children’s active involvement in decision-making (at different levels) and in matters that affect and concern them.

Effective and meaningful participation requires: information sharing and dialogue between children and adults, which is based on mutual respect and trust. The quality of Children’s participation and their ability to benefit from it will be strongly influenced by the efforts adults make to provide an enabling environment in which Children and Young People feel able to participate fully and actively in all aspects of the proceedings with Children and need to feel that their views are valued. More importantly, the participation of children in issues of governance is essential to the recognition of their rights.  For example: for children with disabilities in rural areas, accessing an appropriate learning environment is fraught with difficulties.


These include the fact that most local Schools are not accessible for Children with Physical Disabilities (i.e. they do not have level paths, buildings and/or toilet and playground facilities) and do not cater for children with hearing or intellectual disabilities. There are also transport difficulties getting to school. As a result, many children with disabilities enter school long past the age of most other children. Further, the challenges associated with rural living including long distances (and high costs) in getting to facilities, and the need for collecting of water and firewood create additional burdens for these children with disabilities and their families. We have done a lot in a little time but a long way still to go with the Physical Impaired Children.



Chubby Chums have taken Petunia Moon Pre-School under our wing. We feed 150 Children within the community of Vosloorus. Of the 50 orphans living on the premises 6 are infected with the Virus, and are continuously in need of the relevant medication. Our immediate needs are food, nappies, clothing, food, gas etc. Although any form of assistance will be greatly appreciated. We have also started a soup kitchen that operates three days a week, and can now feed more children, especially those who receive only a bowl of porridge for the entire day. Due to our close relationship with Government we managed to get a Grant for the School.  We sent Sara on an Early Child Development Course. Extensions were made to accommodate more children. A further development is that we have trained Sara as a Trainer to train other people in the area as ECD’s and to help guide and monitor them.              


The Department had done a site visit and recommended that we assist in the development of her Crèche and Day Care Centre. We are in the process of renovating and extending the Crèche and Day Care Centre.  You’ll now be pleased to know that we have done so and we have extended the Centre so that they can accommodate more Children. The Centre is running an Orphan Program and an After Care School Centre.  We are in the process of capacity building and offer a lot of encouragement.  We are providing a safer environment for the learners, by teaching them to recycle plastic etc. She will also undergo further training on Early Child Development. Gladys is very eager to go on Courses where we engage with all Government Departments. We are very impressed with Gladys with the way that she has grown and learnt a lot from us. We are assisting her with her feeding scheme so the Centre can help more Children in the area.  We can see a big change in the Children’s lives by making a difference. We got hold of ECD Institution (Early Child Development), since then we are now able to send them on the necessary courses of Early Child Development. It is lovely to see the Children with smiles on their faces and so happy. When we ask the Children what does Chubby Chums stand for they smile and say “FOOD”. On completion of the task we then contacted all Government Departments and was accompanied by an official to the Crèche who was overwhelmed by what we had accomplished in such a short time. We have expanded Gladys’s to get  other premises where  she can accommodate more Disadvantaged Children in her area she now look after 3500 children




The ladies run part of the Informal Settlement. This Crèche has just been registered and forms part of the Chubby Chums Community Development Project.  On entering the Crèche, there are 164 little smiling faces, in the one crèche and 135 in the second crèche.  And ….  More Children in the other Crèches.                                 

Due to the publicity received, the “Chubby Chums Soup Kitchen for the Local Community” project was initiated in March 2003.  On average, a total of 1550 people were fed daily from the Soup kitchen.  Following on from several meetings with the heads of the Informal Settlement and Ekurhuleni management, it was decided that Chubby Chums would manage the process and a driver from the Informal Settlement would collect food 4 days a week. We now have 6 Crèches with in the Informal Settlement; we have a new informal Settlement South of Johannesburg,

Children’s Values in child protection issues is

Child Participation - ensure children’s voices are heard in all of our projects that children are doing

Confidentiality - work within the child   development model of social service delivery in child protection  severs that respects the children’s right to

confidentiality within the limitations of the   child board’s and  in the child protection system frame work  of social severs  we make sure that the child comes first in all cases



The Soup kitchen was probably one of the most fun projects, not to mention, probably also one of the hardest.  Tony prepared 5 pots of soup each day and Chubby Chums fed the local community.  They sat in the garden with the folk and enjoyed a chat over a cup of soup and buttered bread the Soup Kitchen has now moved to the informal settlements as it has rapidly expanded.

 We have a lot of vulnerable Children that we look after The S.A.P. Primrose Styles Maome has approached us requesting assistance in another informal settlement where we are doing our outreach program and community relief food parcels. The informal settlement has been divided into 8 sectors. This is easier to control and manage.  We arrange outings for them Easter hunts, Christmas parties as well as Birthday parties and doing a Soup Kitchen.  We have with the help of the CDW (Community Developer Worker) done a lot in area. There was such a great need for our Soup Kitchen that we expanded to the following areas:  Germiston, Springs, Tembisa, the number of communities we are feeding at present is about 2500.   We now have now have more Soup Kitchens in different areas and wherever the need arises.             


We have had an event in Alexandra Word Child Abuse it was very successful.  We as Child Protection Committee Johannesburg had invited a “Child” from the community to attend the event.  Capt. Nzuza from the SAPS Cleveland Child Protection Committee did attend the meeting.  He then asked us to assist them with the feeding program, in the three Informal Settlement, in their area.  We have now partnership with the SAPS Cleveland.  We call, then once a week they collect food for the children that they to feed.  Food is distributed on a Friday afternoon to the Community Centre in Cleveland.  That day that you made a difference in a little ones life maybe you fed him maybe you clothed him perhaps you gave him a hug whatever you did you made a difference in a Childs life today


With all the Child Protection Awareness campaigns that we are doing 365 days a year, we have partner with the SAPS Primrose and Social Crime Prevention Youth Deck working in the informal settlements, to try and dealing with the Child Protection issues on the grass root level with the Community to educate and empower Communities on Child Abuse.  Chubby Chums plays a vital role in the Child Protection field. As Child Protection cross–cutting on all issues in all matters concerning the care, protection and the well – being of a child, the best interests are of paramount importance, according to the Children Act.


The Director of Welfare Services together with Chubby Chums, the Welfare Organization is supplied with vegetables, etc. for various projects under the care of Chubby Chums. The main aim of this Organization is Educational and Poverty alleviation. This project was started in 2000 WS focuses on the following core areas: establishing a healthy family life; combating poverty and eradicating its effects; prevention of alcohol and drug abuse; prevention of unwanted pregnancies; prevention of HIV and AIDS and support to infected persons; and uplifting the quality of life of seniors. 

The areas of their focus are:

Gauteng: Ennerdale, Toekomsrus, Sarafina & Ext 7, Meadowlands – Soweto, Lusaka 1 & 2, Riverlea and Noordgesig, West Rand: Bekkersdal, Mohlakeng, Munsieville, Rietvallei, Kagiso, Tshepisong, Diepkloof, Alexandra, Eldorado Park East, Protea Glen/Protea, Jabavu, Mofolo, Naledi, Mogorotsi, Dobsonville and Central Johannesburg. Katlehong, Thokoza, Vosloorus, Kempton, Sivana, Ebony, Extension 5, Far East Rand

Limpopo: Ratanda, Duduza, Tsakane, Siyathemba, Embahlenhle, Devon, Katorus

Vaal: Poortjie, Evation North, Sebokeng, Orange Farm    

North West Province: Khutsong, Kanana, Ikageng, Kokosi,

Chubby Chums are assisting this Organization to feed, clothe and take care of the needs of 9652 School children and 4321 Pre School children.


We are working hand in hand with Childline, in their feeding schemes and Crèche/Daycare Centre, we have made such an impact with providing them with daily necessities for the last 12 years, knowing that the Children do not go to bed hungry, when they see a Chubby Chums vehicle in the area they know Uncle Martin is coming to feed them. We have helped to sustain a number of families in the area due to poverty; we have an extraordinary relationship with them. We are at their disposal to assist with anything required.  We are supplying Child Line Katlehong with their daily necessities. We have built a wonderful relationship with Child line. Where we are utilizing their safe house, to place children over night: - With a form 22 /36.  We have a very good relationship with Child Lines Director Lynne we support each other in the work we do and that’s in the Child Protection field in strengthening of children, families and communities though our awareness and prevention programs.    


The community list keeps on growing.  At the end of 2011 Chubby Chums supported approximately 3000 community children. These children are invited on outings, given food and cared for by Chubby Chums.  They do their best to meet the children’s every need and to help them look forward to a healthy, prosperous future. We are having a lot of referrals from Gauteng Social Development, whereby we assist wherever possible.  We also experience a lot of referrals from the hospitals & clinics.

We are do work with the notion of voluntary work in our informal settlement areas is unattainable because of poverty and incapacity of the community people to offer their time without compensation as a result community volunteers are compensated with concessionary stipends mainly for survival purposes however structures such as community care forums are able to provide support on the voluntary basis, since these are collective efforts, driven by the compassionate motives of the community.                                         


The bread Giant Albany had stopped the bread project for a short while.  We had managed with the assistance of a number of NGO’s standing together; we managed to regain the bread project.  The OAC handles any queries of the bread. Chubby Chums have been able to supply 36 homes, 30  crèches, 8 soup kitchens with bread, on a monthly basis, during the past number of years. The project is very time consuming and labor intensive.  Chubby Chums have also been supporting all Government Child Welfare Centres.          


Abusing or abandoning your child is the worst thing a person can do.  Sadly, this is a reality in our society.  Chubby Chums have become very involved in assisting these Children and in arranging adoptions and to Asses to see if a Child is in need of care. They have helped a number of people to become either foster parents or adoptive parents.  Martin Barnard meets with social workers and accompanies prospective parents to all meetings, court appearances, etc.  They have been instrumental in the successful completion of a huge number of adoptions with the Department of International Social Services over the past years.



The Counseling Service has grown in leaps and bounds. People with Aids (PWA’s) that were being counseled have been lost due to the pandemic.  However, the rest of the counseling patients are doing extremely well and now find that they can look forward to a healthy life by living a healthy lifestyle.  The counselors also inform the PWA’s of the necessary dietary requirements for a healthy life and provide them with most of these items as well. We have an in-house counselor to assist with counseling at all times Following on from an article in a newspaper in this year, a young girl came forward who had been abused, was pregnant as a result and did not want to keep the child.  After several sessions of counseling, guidance and hard work by the counselor, she has kept her little one there is an enormous influx of patients being referred to us.  


Chubby Chums networks, with a number of Organizations that are properly registered, in order to share information and resources we use the principles of the children act to make sure. One of the major Organizations they have networked with during the past 18 years is Ekurhuleni. Chubby Chums have become stakeholders with Ekurhuleni and extend their services to other Organizations. Ekurhuleni has requested that we have them registered and monitored that there is no repetition and report back to them. All local, provincial and national departments of social development have involved Martin in legal requirements and compliance of newly registered organizations.                       


With all the poverty we are experiencing throughout Gauteng all our community, we are currently feeding approximately 4500 vulnerable Mothers and Children, with figures increasing on a daily basis. For our feeding scheme, we are issuing food parcels, as well as emergency food parcels after hours. Our food parcels consist of mainly dry foods, i.e. rice, sugar, maize, soup powder, pasta, beans, Soya etc. We get a lot of referrals from the Department of   Social Development for food parcels.   We make so these children of ours have traveled many a rough road it’s up to us to put a smile and perhaps a little fun in these empty eyed children’s lives meting out of nothing but good hearts such as yours to make it possible

“Every child’s story deserves a happy ending’’


They entertains the children at the various homes during weekends and school holidays; the children really look forward to these events, these are puppet shows portraying child awareness i.e. Abuse etc. the puppets are life size figures who are all volunteers. There is a lot of preparation involved in the puppet shows, for e.g. the clown is an adult, he involves the children in a number of tricks in and during the show which stimulates the children mentally and enhancing campaign for the child protection throw out the year this is done on a community volunteerism.       



Chubby Chums has been on a workshop with the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Health and Social development on poverty alleviation: War on Poverty a “condition of deprivation below minimum standards of living “.  The Government as call on all Stakeholders to assist in poverty alleviation as the Government can’t do all of this on their own so we as a Stakeholder assisting in the community in Pretoria that is doing community projects that is food relief.

The area that we are working in is Hammenskraal this community is the poorest of the poorest in this community there are woman and children they are getting a place of food a day They are collecting on a regular basis and they are ecstatic about the thing they receiving for the community outreach programmers that they are doing in the community.


Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Youth -  (OVCY).

One of our outreach programs is to look after the orphans & Vulnerable Children & Youth (OVCY). Programs. We supply them with all their necessities for their feeding program, which occurs three times per week. We also do after-school feeding programs this occurs under the guidance of the Child Protection committee. The reason we do this is because we want the orphans & Vulnerable Children & Youth (OVCY). To be included in society, and we teach the girls skills such as cooking and baking, and teach the boys to run vegetable gardens. We are accountable to the State as well as the society that we serve our operations comply to the lay of this County, of which is the Children’s Act 38 of 2005, serves as primary guide. We expanded our horizon to address the desperate need amongst, the child – headed households, children orphaned as the result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  We are able to do this with the support of Social Development and partnerships where we can and remedial teaching together with supervision of homework to compensate for backlogs that may have developed due to their circumstances these programmers are truly an inspiration as one can see the children blossoming under the care, and attention and balanced diet.

We obtain scholarships through our counselors, & Department of Social Development, so as to make them feel important and not lost, hence removing the various stigmas involved. We prefer to encourage them rather than have them feel embarrassed about their status. We teach them the basic skills of life. We take them on a lot of outings, such as visits to the Zoo or cultural experiences.

We also hold birthday parties, visit to restaurants, school camps, and encourage scouting. One group visited Parliament, and spoke to MPs about the Children’s Charter, and gave input into the amendments on the Child Care Act.  We are pleased to mention that we have a lot of children who participate in the discussions we have.

We get them involved in a lot of workshops, that we have we place these orphans with foster care mothers, for a period of five years, so that they grow up in the correct atmosphere. If a couple wishes to adopt a child, they have the option, but they usually end up with infertile couples .We ensure that the children are registered with the Department of Home affairs, and ensure that their documents are in order, and eventually obtain a grant for each child, thereby building up their self-confidence.

Another issue that falls under this program is School holiday’s programs we get the Department of South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) We arranged different grants for the children, but feel it improper that the eldest child is excluded from the scheme.

We encourage maintenance of families, as we have found from experience that a family unit functions better than a group made up from different backgrounds. The numbers are increasing daily. The children write a lot of stunning thank you letters to our Organization by thanking us on what we do for them.



During this year the Child Protection week Social Developments & Correctional Services has partnership with Chubby Chums to outsource sponsorships for the mothers and babies in prison We have achieved our goal successfully to bring in a lot of sponsors for the mothers and babies in prison program due to unforeseen circumstances that these mother find themselves in as you are well aware the Government cannot work alone they need partnerships in order to do the Child Protection faction and awareness of the Child Protection programs.

The mothers and babies in prison program was extremely moving and emotional Due to them never receiving any attention ever this is the first time that Social Development and NGO such as need to roll this program out throughout all prisons nationwide.  We have achieved our objectives of censoring the mother to child abuse and also bring the plight of mothers and babies in prison to the attention of the authorities and the public. The mother and babies were ecstatic due to the event and they never wanted the day to end but rather continue receiving the attention they received.

Government for looks us at: For our Knowledge, Experience and Dedication in the Child Protection field.  Why should our children suffer as they say it takes a village to raise a child, your child is my child my child is your child when we work together hence the prison we work successfully what a day this has been for my Deputy Director as well as my manager as they were astounded and horrified to actually see the pains the babies go through these children can only stay up to two years with the mother in prison then we have to seek alternative accommodation for the baby we then approach the families first should there be no family we outsource for foster or partial care for the little one but just think how the mother feel after bonding with the little one therefore we are appealing to all public that are interested in this project to please work with to make a better world for our children.

During the FIRST CRISIS -“From A Shack to a Tent for Tent

When the Xenophobic crisis emerged, the shock was not only traumatic and quite scary but our first thoughts were about the number of little ones involved, imagine their fear, when seeing their daddy dying tragically, in front of them, in their shack called “Home”.  As a team we immediately offered our assistance to the local Police Station where we began to feed soup and bread to the children and then to Mothers and Fathers.  The first child I held was only 8 hours old, clothed only in a vest and nappy, the balance of her clothing was burnt. That first night we separated mothers and children from the men and housed them in a church hall where they were given baby formula, nappies and a blanket.

The expression on those little faces can never be described. Thereafter, with the help of Corporate, Private Sector, Schools and Churches we continued to clothe and feed up to 7000 people for 16 days.  That is not the end. These folk, especially mothers and children, are cold, hungry and in need of medication. During this time we were interviewed by National and International Press, Media and Television and appeared on many channels where our plea for assistance for the children was quite desperate. Chubby Chums was appointed as the distribution Centre for a number of the camps for the displaced families on the East Rand.

Due to the crisis, we were in a total frenzy about these displaced Mothers and Children and arranged for 5 Mothers and Babies to be placed at our Shelter in Bertram’s and a further 100 mothers and babies to our shelter in Yeoville for which we are awaiting the official registration papers presently. How can you help? In any way, being it clothing, food blankets, and nappies… the list is endless.  Whether your contribution be it monetary or in product remember:

 “A Child is just a Child” – each and every one needs your care and assistance right now.  We are still assisting the Xenophobia’s, by referrals, as well as placing them into shelters.  The crisis in Johannesburg city regarding the Xenophobia’s has resulted in us liaising with Government departments to obtain a building of which they can be sheltered.  This is an on-going process that will be a long-term assistance.

Recent Crisis Time   in April 2015

“From A Shack to a Tent for Tent”

Again when the Xenophobic crisis emerged, the shock was not only traumatic and quite scary but our first thoughts were about the number children’s involved, imagine their fear, when seeing their daddy and mommies are dying tragically, in front of them, in their shack called “Home”.  As a team we immediately offered our assistance to the local communities. Our ward Councilors has called me to assist with children in the camp in Primrose.  We assisted the Church where we began to do 2 meals daily and coordinating with the mothers and children in the camp.

The Department of Social Development was all call in to assist in the camp everybody came to the assist from all over.  The expression on those little faces can never be described. Thereafter, with the help of Corporate, Private Sector, Schools and Churches we continued to work with the communities that were involved. During this time we were interviewed by National and International Press, Media and Television and appeared on many channels where our plea for assistance for the children was quite desperate.

How can you help? In any way, being it clothing, food blankets, and nappies… the list is endless.  Whether your contribution be it monetary or in product remember:

 “A Child is just a Child” – each and every one needs your care and assistance right now.   We are still assisting the Xenophobia’s, by referrals, as well as placing them into shelters. 


Let us protect our Children, because they are the ones who are going to be scientists of tomorrow.  Thousands of children are caught up in the ruthless mercy of been vulnerable.

One in three girls and one in five boys will have been abused by the age 18 many children do not report abuse because they are sworn to secrecy, or they are threatened, bribed or blamed and they live in a state of fear, shame and anxiety.


In his duration, our Founder/Director is working 365 days a year with the Child Protection by promoting the protection development and well-being of Children plus providing information rights and responsibilities in all spheres of Government.  He has been very valuable in structuring Child Protection policies and legislation during his leadership.  He is in partnership with many NGO’s in Child Protection issues.  His relationship with all Government Departments has provided him with high quality facilitator who is qualified and current in the Child Protection field.  He has been very successful in prevention of abuse and neglect especially children of youth headed households and children with special needs and disabilities.  Being highly qualified in this field various Government Departments are negotiating with each other to gain Martins knowledge and expertise.  He is a successful leader who strives to develop and has the ability to negotiate in a winning team.  When Martin is required to attend conferences strategic plan meetings etc., he is always willing and able.  All Government Departments commend Martin in all his abilities and pleasant approach to all.  We look forward to a continued and supportive relationship with Martin in years to come.

The best interest of the child:  This principal governs all our work. Child-Centeredness: Provide child-centred services that take cognisance of the rights of children and young people and preserve the family unit where possible Child Participation: Ensure children’s voices are heard in all of our projects Accountability: Remain accountable to the children we serve, the social work profession, our partners and the Chubby Chums team. Transparency: Remain transparent in all aspects of service delivery Respect: Demonstrate respect for persons of all class, race, language, religious, cultural and sexual orientations Communication: Maintain open and direct communication Representation: Reflect all South African cultures in our management team, and Development and Empowerment: Develop efficient and effective staff, volunteers, organisational structures, policies and procedures that will enhance service delivery to children Confidentiality: Work within a development model of social service delivery that respects the client’s right to confidentiality within the limitations of the child protection system.  These values enable us to deliver efficient, effective, specialised, culturally sensitive, accessible and supportive social.

The ability of an organisation to reach it goals depends on the attitudes, skills and knowledge of volunteers, which are gained from training and development. Child protection is a specialised field that requires people who are not only passionate but also competent in their field so that they are able to meet the complex needs of the beneficiaries. We recognise that on-going professional development and the development of skills is necessary to ensure that those who are providing services to our Children clients have the skills needed to provide services of a high quality, and that they feel confident in doing so. Our training and development department has both an internal and external component Facilitate parent talks and workshops on child rights issues and Positive Parenting skills for parents at clinics and schools on demand. Positive parenting sessions are held to encourage supportive parenting. Together with local Child Protection Partners we will create and implement activities to raise awareness on child protection issues

Planned Activities  in the Child Protection Committee’s

The  Child Protection  unit and the  Committee’s will  provide  counselling,  support,  referrals  and information  to  children   in  an  ethical  and professional manner. Facilitation of child protection interventions through referrals to our partner Organisations is available at all times

Counsellors will respond sensitively to the needs of children.  We recognize that any form of disclosure is difficult to verbalize. Research conducted in south after  has shown that children will phone up to the saps 10111 before they have enough courage to talk to the counsellor about the problem troubling them

We will recruit, select and train new counsellors in order to ensure that the 10111 lines are covered adequately at all times and to minimize abandoned calls

We continue to contribute to youth development in training and mentoring students and interns from the Foundation For Professional Development services in child protection

Supervisors and counsellors will receive on-going training in the form of case discussions, group supervision and monthly workshops. Specific focus will be given to statutory processes and the implementation of the Children’s Act

In order to increase our social service delivery and to maintain the standards set by the SA Council for Social Service professionals in the child protection field

Professions, on-going supervision and support will be provided to our Social Auxiliary Workers in child protection

Our experience at Chubby Chums well-known brand and our grassroots Community Centres gives us a unique position from which to intervene effectively to strengthen families and communities, promoting the African concept that children are central to our future.

We remain concerned for young people growing up in Gauteng with our rapid urbanization, informal settlements, single parent or child headed households, increased maternal HIV infection rate, poverty and difficulty in accessing child protection and other essential services.  We seek to maximize our impact through continued services, digital information dissemination to empower communities to deal with these social ills and promote positive transformation.

 The child protection committees in  Gauteng  makes sure that  the  child protection business of child safety and positive development. Each year, we try to increase or enhance the services we offer to the community in order to build a caring environment for every child in our province. In the next year, our focus will be on programming in the child protection committee’s for children and sustainability of our , child protection committee’s to ensure that the child safety net is sustained.

The child protection servicers     focuses on four specific areas of intervention: crisis intervention, facilitation of child protection, a referral and advisory service and counselling.  Trained counsellors provide support, information and appropriate intervention including risk assessment, in the preferred language of the child  on issues such as:  the physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect of children; adult survivors of abuse; perpetrators of abuse and sexual offenders; trafficking, abduction and prostitution of young boys and girls; exposure and witness to domestic and criminal violence; internet pornography; sexuality and gender discrimination; poverty, homelessness, begging and referrals for social grants; behavioral problems; family relationships and parenting skills; legal issues, maintenance, divorce, corporal punishment; bullying and school -related problems e.g. bursaries and school fees; disabled children at risk;   physical health e.g. anorexia and emotional health e.g. depression and suicide; substance abuse; HIV/AIDS, child-headed households and bereavement; foreign nationals  and refugee children.

Child Protection Is EVERYBODY’S Business

Nobody has the Right to abuse you

Be aware, be Safe.

Government cannot eliminate the scourge on its own and a multi-sector response is required to address and end child abuse, neglect and exploitation that’s why we are working with Social Development as a team.

Working Together to Stop Child Abuse.

Working Together to Stop Child Neglect.

Working Together to Stop Child Exploitation.

Working Together to Promote the Importance of ECD.

Working Together to Report Child Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

So please help us to help others children

Working collectively to brighten the light in and around every child has been very successful in the healing of child survivors.  The establishment of culture of the respect for all Children’s Rights as outlined in South African Bill of Rights and Constitution is essential to the continued well-being of our communities and the future stability of our country.

Networking with all stakeholders within the field of Child Protection to combat violence against Children and Youth.   Child participation ensures Children‘s voices are heard in all our projects.  The best interest of the Child this principal governs all our work in the Children Act. We empower both children and adults, thereby preventing Child Abuse and ensuring early intervention in case of Child Abuse and Neglect.

The home is like a Safe House to us in our work that started as an after-hours service for abused and abandoned Children. With traditional organizations closed at night and during weekends, many traumatised children were in the unfortunate position of having to stay at police stations until the Welfare Agencies opened their doors for office hours. This constituted secondary trauma for the Child. 

We continue to work in partnership with other Organizations to improve Child Protection services. We are gratified by our positive relationships with the Gauteng Departments of Health & Social Development, Department of Education and Criminal Justice System including the SA Police Service and our other organizations:  This gives us great opportunities to our vision of ‘working collectively to brighten the light in and around every CHILD and we look forward to a time when Children’s rights are honoured by all in Gauteng.


We would like to inform the public that the Child Protection Units are coming back into full force; they will be linked with the FCS (Family Violence Child Protection and Sexual offenders). There always has been a complete Child Protection Unit, situated in the Batho Pele, Building 91, Commissioner Street Johannesburg. For further information, kindly visit our website

Chubby Chums is in partnership with Child Protection Units and is a Child Protection Officer in the Johannesburg and Far East Rand regions Our Founder/Director has a high position in the Child Protection field Gauteng. He has become a Child Campaigner. He works with Child Protection & Treatment Services.  We remove abandoned children from hospitals and clinics .We deal with public complaints concerning children’s issues. We complete a form 36/22/23 of Child Care Act and this will allow us to have all the information we need.  After that it is registered in the Child Protection Register for Child Abuse Neglect & Exploitation. Child Protection cross–cutting all issues of children under the age of 18 years.

This information is considered strictly confidential and can only be used by the Child Protection team, Courts and all Social workers. These are the procedures of the Children’s Act no 38 of the 2005 Government Gazette. These children are physically, mentally and sexually abused, abandoned.  At this point the District Surgeon who then supplies us with a full medical report examines of the Child and a J88.  We then call the intake Social Worker where we jointly assess the child. A form a 22 / 23 36 is then issued with a Court Order.  The Child Protection Officer takes the form to Court, the Judge stamps the form.  The Judge determines as to where the Child should be placed in a case of Child Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation.

We work with Teddy Bear Clinic who does assist us by doing the court preparations with the children we then monitor the child on a day-to-day basis to see if the child copes.  We work very closely with the intake Social workers, Child and Youth Care Centers, Social Workers and the Court Social Workers all the Child Protection units are on standby 24/7.  We are also on standby 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Protecting children is everybody’s business.  Communities who care report Child Abuse.  You can report any form of abuse at any organization working with children or at your local SAP, Police official, Social Development never turn a Child away, don’t look the other way, act against abuse, when a child needs help!!  We enhancing all campaign are done for child protection 

Chubby Chums in partnership with Child Protection Units, Forum, Committees plan functions for the Child Protection week, School holiday Programs, School visit, Scholl Talks and Fun days .We are now in the process of doing programs, campaigning for Child Protection that is a daily function. Our Founder/Director has been trained in all the Protocols of the child Protection procedures. Chubby Chums is one of the officers of the right to children. He works with a number of clinics counseling physical therapy, courts, Child Protection treatments and services are there to minimize trauma for the child and always putting the child first. The roll players co- coordinators assist with child cases, we all so make sure the all principles of the Children’s Act of 2005 are meet.

We are aware that there are lots of children abandoned, abused and sexually molested. We assist children with mental health issues i.e.:  Physically Disabled.  We deal with a lot of sex offenders.  We try and get the communities involved at all times.  Every year on the 1st of June we celebrate International Children’s Day Child Protection Week, which is from normally 29 May to 4 June. At these events we try to target children who are disadvantaged, by giving them entertainment during school holidays and having a school holiday program. The Provincial/Local Departments get together with registered NGO’s to be roll players for the children.  By this we try and educate the public on protocols on how to protect your child and to explain to the public how the child protection system works. Teaching the public their rights and responsibilities, do you know where to report child abuse?  Do you know there are many adults who really don’t give a dam?  The Regional Committee’s is responsible for Child Protection week.

Child protection deals with cases victims who are from birth to the age 18 years. The following crimes are investigated: Rape, indecent assault, statutory rape sexual intercourse with (girls under the age of 16) Attempted murder and assault, GBH  (Grievous bodily harm) Common assault if a child is 3 years or younger and the assault occurs more than once. Kidnapping/abduction, kidnapping for purposes of sexual exploitation/marriages, application, Crimes as contained in the domestic violence and the Child Care Act and films and publications act, illegal withholding / removing a child from their legal guardian including trafficking or contravening a court order with respect to abandoning a child.


Green means life, Green means growth, Lets conserve our children, give them hope.

Wear a green ribbon to show you care and support. Stand up,

Be committed and protect a child

So when you see someone wearing a green ribbon just think

A about supporting Child protection

The Green Ribbon lets victims and survivors know that we are united in their support. It emphasizes the importance of partnerships to tackle child abuse, neglect and exploitation.  Wearing the Green Ribbon is an ongoing activity to show a person’s commitment for the protection of children and will be marketed strongly during the Child Protection Week.

Let us strengthen our collective efforts against child abuse, neglect and exploitation

Child Protection Week ushers us in a period in which all of us could ensure that children are protected from all forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation. Government cannot eliminate the scourge on its own and a multi-sector response is required to address and end child abuse, neglect and exploitation. The partnership between Government, the non-Governmental sector, the media, organized labour and civil society, is essential, for preventing child abuse, neglect and exploitation.


A sign of hope and comfort where frowns are replaced by smiles, where tears are replaced by contentment, where despair is replaced by hope, healthy life and justice. This is where we take the Children and to get emergency medical care like the Doctors/Forensic nurses that will examine them then completed the J88. And SAPS 308/ 581 a form, as well as sealed crime kit. Just think how the poor children must go thru so much pain at this stage.


When it comes to paperwork, Chubby Chums knows what to do.  Many a person has contacted Martin for assistance with regards to receiving Grants from Government. Martin spends time with each one of these, explaining the forms and procedures to them.      


Chubby Chums has established an excellent relationship with WIPHOLD/ Wipcapital and Women’s Empowerment who have, since 2008, been supporting Chubby Chums and donating vast sums of moneys to our various Homes.

The children really look out for these wonderful gifts that we get for them.  They wish Christmas is all year round and could have these beautifully individually wrapped gifts placed in front of the everyday.  A huge thank you to Louisa and her team and her team who have now become very close friends with Chubby Chums and work as a team together. We as Chubby Chums are much honored.  The success of WIPHOLD and all its contributors, from the early adopters and grassroots stokvel supporters in some of the most under serviced areas in the country, to the support and buy–in of gig influencers and financial heavyweights. They are all friends of WIPHOLD and they all share in its success we have.

Chubby Chums is a beneficiary, of WIPHOLD Investment Trust. Thank You: for the investment in our children as they cannot speak for themselves and they are very Vulnerable Children at a young age. We all appended in their WIPHOLD book of Many Roads. One Journey.


Thanks to Maggie and Patience for signing our contracts for our children’s homes that they are assisting us with, we are working very closely together. Thank you for the lunches we have been having and for putting our heads together when there is a crisis. We would also like to thank you for becoming our partners.                     


Chubby chums was very fortunate to work with the school they assist us in every possible way by collecting clothing,

Nappies, toys, stationary etc., we appreciate your care and concern.


Avril attends lots of meetings at G Pack, and that’s where I made her acquaintance.  We had a lengthy discussion regarding our involvements with orphans, our Early Child Developments Centres, Court procedures and Homes of Safety.  We sent a proposal and The Mini Council nominated Chubby Chums as one of the beneficiaries.  From the Johannesburg region the Schools elected the Counselors who could assist Mayor’s, Deputy Mayors etc. Within the school’s curriculum children are obliged to offer community service to registered NGO’S.  We are fortunate to have their assistance.  They collect blankets etc. for the Homes and over Easter they supply us with Easter eggs. As well as sweets occasionally it really is a pleasure to see the smiles on the faces of the children when they receive Easter eggs etc. We attend events at Easter and in the winter.  Due to the involvement with G Pack, Chubby Chums was elected. It is good to see Schools getting involved with NGO’S and experiencing the work first hand to see the objectives the NGO’s have to deal with.  It is also very nice to see the less fortunate children enjoy what the haves have.

The more privileged children are so stunned to see the poverty in our country and it makes them appreciate their fortune, and to enjoy life to the fullest. We have had a lot of experiences where some children cannot adapt to current society levels, poverty, aids etc. 

However there are some that get involved on a personal level and also get involved with the organizations. The extent of the work we undergo just to bring a little bit of joy to a child! This is an opportunity for the have-nots to have what the haves have.

The School going child sees how under privileged children have to suffer where as they might have an easier life.  That particular child would like to get involved with helping the under privileged children. 

We have has lots of outings with the Johannesburg Mini Council and with all our Children Homes and the Children enjoy these lovely the outings.                                                      


Chubby Chums was on East Radio Stereo, This project was a rolling success. The response we got from the public was phenomenal and overwhelming. I was asked a lot of questions, to which I responded positively. And thank from our entire Children’s’ Homes, which made the children very happy.

We had the Child welfare magazine, “The Gauteng HIV/AID – Related Services Director” We are in the Gauteng services Director of Social Development. We are awaiting a date info 4Africa.  A support services directory – series Gauteng, USAID.

Our gratitude goes out to the Tame Times 

Whenever we require doing a story Tame Times has never doubted us Thanks once again as we are nothing without press media

Our Founder/Director & Financial /Director, were on the front cover of the Leadership magazine.

Our Deputy Director has appeared on SABC 1   Gospel Buzz                         

Celebration Peace and Good will unto you, my Dear Little One

Chubby Chums were blessed with toys during Christmas 2016 and the children at the homes were thoroughly spoilt.  There were, however, thousands of toys left over and a decision was made to treat the disadvantaged community children.  Chubby Chums and Father Christmas and seven dwarfs drove around handing out presents to all the children, in Primrose, Primrose Hill, informal settlements, and Wannenburg.

There were presents left over which we gave to some of the Organizations we are assisting, like Child line, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council and Department of Education as well as some of Ward Councilors 



Chubby Chums has become major stakeholder with all Government Departments across all spheres of National, Provincial, and Local Government Departments.  We have meetings on a monthly basis to address all the needs of child Protection Issues Like (ISDM) Integrated Service Delivery Model, Norms and Standard, Multi-Disciplinary, Child Protection Protocols, Code of conduct, Integration of Services to children with Disabilities, Gauteng children Right Program, Children Charter, Foster Care & Foster Cluster,

The Johannesburg Institution of Social Services, Child Justice, International Social Services, Adoption Policy Frame Work The ECDI, (Early Child Development Center), SA Children Protection Surveillance Study, We do a lot of protection in vulnerable groups include Person & Children With Disability, Sexual Abuse, physical, Emotional Abuse, Substance Abuse, Teenage Pregnancy, Social networking, Neglect Abandonment, Child Killing, Crime, Children in conflict with the law.

Internet Safety, Family Violence, and Victim Empowerment, together with the SAPS, children living and working on the street, we assist in Crime prevention. Child Protection code for Child Protection worked out guidelines for the prevention and response to child exploitation.  Due to the involvement of National, Regional Local Child protection forums we have been on numerous conferences, workshops, consultations as well as talks. We have been to on a, Child Labor Action Program Workshop, Legal Aid Workshop and The Children’s Rights Commission Workshop, Save a Child Course, Basic Child Health Course, and Child line SA and Sexual Offenders Workshop, and Conflict with the Law (Children in Prison). The International Program on the Elimination of Child Labor (IPEC), the Labor Organization (ILO), (SCREAM) and International Organization for Migration (IOM). Human Trafficking, Child Trafficking, Child Exploitation and the Annual National SAP SAC Conference in Pretoria, South Africa on Child Abuse.

We are a member of Community Policing forum and work very closely with the S.A.P. whilst attending to Child protection issues, a member of the Child Protection Unit & treatment services committees & Forums in the J.H.B regions, East Rand and surrounding areas.

We have also assisted Children in Children’s Courts when needed! Chubby Chums as been trained in the child protection field as train a trainer in all aspects in child protection. We have recently attended a number of conferences pertaining to the children act of 2005, the review & The Amendments of the Children Act.   We are in a lot of consultations with Social Department and, all stakeholders in the child protection field. Chubby Chums is a member of the Child Protection Unit Services. We hereby give thanks to the Teddy Bear Clinic who assists us with all our court preparations.

Teddy Bear Clinic entered our Founder Director, Child Protection Officer, and Chair Person of the Gauteng Regional Child Protection Unit. In an Honors’ award in Child Protection Chubby Chums is a member of the Ward committee with the ward Councilors in the areas. Chubby Chums as become a Child Protection Organization with all Knowledge and Experience working with all government Departments we are now doing the Guidelines on the principles and core element for the design and development of prevention and early intervention programmers,

The development of conceptual framework for training social work professionals in child protection, The Thogomelo Project in child protection skills development, the South African Child Protection Surveillance Study & a part of the taste team and now we have done a basic manual of safety and risk assessment tool and have piloted in the JHB regions.

Chubby Chums is a member of the Inter–Sectorial Child Protection steering committee in planning in the events for the whole year of child protection.  We are working with Women children & people with disabilities in children’s rights mainstreaming and doing a strategy, monitoring and looking after the well-being of the children.  We have just done with the Department of Criminology and Security Science with UNISA.


Congratulations!  The Most Dedicated Worker in the Field in the child protection unit …

Martin attended a lot of functions with Government this year where he was awarded the accolade of being the most Dedicated Worker in this field Chubby Chums was greatly honored, due to his ever present and unfailing commitment, assistance as well as diligence.                   

WOW!!!  Already 18  years old …

On the 14th February 2017 Chubby Chums celebrated their18th birthday. They were very fortunate to have been on various radio stations to celebrate with them.  They had a live broadcast and wished Chubby Chums many happy years to come and congratulant us on the work we do in the Child Protection Field.                


Highlights over the 17 years have been the launch of the Chubby Chums website.  Our e-mail address that was: SPONSORED BY MWEB. Our Founder/Director have the capability of updating our website on a weekly basis.

 A very exciting highlight is to be chosen to be part of the task teams for child protection to work with the National, Provincial, District, and Local Departments Social Development as multi-sector response in the child Protection Field and to be a part of the team “Working Together To Protect Children “

It has been such a pleasure to work with our ward councilors Jill, and Tanya Campbell, and being elected as ward committee member. Paul Williamsburg from the Gauteng Legislation who was all involved with Chubby Chums during the recent xenophobic crisis. He has now committed himself to be a member of the committee of Chubby Chums.

The biggest highlight of this years is the fact that our Founder/Director were nominated the ‘Paul Harris Fellowship Award in the Child Protection Field. And he is in line to receive the International Paul Harris Child Protection Award

TOY RUN!!!! 2015.

What an exciting day for the Children.  Some have never seen a motorbike up close and was taken behind the scene to have first-hand experience.  A lot of toys were collected and distributed amongst the different Homes.   Chubby Chums will be an active part of this event every year.   Thank you to all the motorbike riders for thinking of the underprivileged Children. We are already busy with the  2016 Toy Run


The Gauteng National Choir, as their charity, chose Chubby Chums. They are taking part in the Clash of the Choirs on Channel 161 on a Monday nights 19:30.  The Choir is currently in the Top 5.  Part of the Price money if they win will be donated to Chubby Chums.  The Choir came second.

Our founder has been on a T V show Islamic for child protection issues and on radio show KFM




Their dream is to establish Care Centers for disadvantaged Vulnerable mothers, children and orphans to give them love and support and help them to accept their situation and understand that they are able to live in a loving environment, working with the community to assist others who are worse off than they are.  As Chubby chums goes from strength to strength.

The main goal first of all, is that all children will be safe and in a safe environment – the children come first.  In order to do this, they need to expand.  They hope to assist many more than the current number of 55,500 people daily and also to educate these people regarding the HIV/AIDS pandemic and to do Child Protection awareness campaigns we also want to expand our counseling service, Outreach programmes and feeding schemes nationwide.  To do all of the above, they need to start expanding – spreading across the nation.  They want to have branches of Chubby Chums around the country and many more homes under their wings.

FIFA 2010 welfare task team

Opportunities arose to forge partnerships with government and existing NGO’S like Chubby Chums, Teddy Bear Clinic, Child Line, Child Welfare, and UNICEF to begin the process of extending the reach of the clinic. We now have representation on the D S D National Child Protection unit, thanks to Chubby Chums.

Mr. Martin Barnard is the Chairperson of the Regional Child Protection Gauteng. The FIFA committee has also link up with the DSD National Child Protection unit and Child Protection Forum for Gauteng. The Unit is currently involved in the FIFA 2010 welfare task team which is the NGO’S mentioned above who organized by DSD, on a Provincial and National level which was during 2009. This was both a very exciting but scary time relating to issues around child trafficking and abuse. IOM International Organization trained the Task Force team for Migration on child trafficking and DSD trained the task force team on the new Childcare Act.  The emergency services SAPS, and the Metro Police and the courts, the justice system were on call 24/7.  Everything ran like clockwork. DSD played the leading roll. They had their experienced Social Workers on emergency standby to assist matters pertaining to child abuse and child trafficking during the world cup. 

The NGO mentioned above had the task of the day-to-day operations of the safety and friendly spaces for children, at the fan parks and fan fests.  At the stadiums we were given a tent to operate the Child protection system The Child Protection Forum was very involved during the World Cup.  During the world cup the Child Protection forums had to do school holiday programs to keep the children occupied in all the areas.  The school holiday programs were a huge success.  We will be doing school holiday programs in the future. 

Our Chairperson of the Regional Child Protection Gauteng is very pleased to mention that there was not one incident of child trafficking.  There were however a lot of lost children, but they were reunited with their families who took them to the stadiums fan parks and fan fests.  

Wow what a World Cup this was!!!!!!!



They are in the process of raising funds to build two chapels – one at Vuyani Safe Haven 1 & 2 and the other at the Children’s Home and Nurturing Centre.  These chapels will be used for Sunday school, as a place for the children to say a prayer and sadly, but unavoidably, for funerals.


A business plan has been submitted to Ekurhuleni and they are awaiting the availability of a house.  This house will be used to offer services to the disadvantaged community It will be a distribution Centre for food parcels as well as a Safe Haven for street children. In our beautiful country we hear far too many horror stories of children been abuse and neglected.  The Chubby Chums Home will serve to remove some of these children and we do our very best to try and heal the hurt and allow the children to develop their potential.  All the children need to be removed from their circumstances and its every child’s right to be love and every adult’s privilege to care for them to do this each and every responsible adult, must make a concerted effort we can never care for all these children without the help of caring people in the community.

As a responsible caring adult’s catch a child today, pay attention and act when it is necessary.  So please help us to help other children that are not so fortunate.   We want satellite Homes scattered across the Country like in Pretoria, Hammenskraal, Tembisa, Johannesburg, Soweto, Ennerdale, Bertrams, Malvern, Kensington, Wychwood, Germiston, Katlehong, Vosloorus, Alberton, Midrand, Far East Rand, Nigel, Primrose, Eastern/ Western Cape.

Chubby Chums compliance and supports all Governments endeavors to achieve a society where poverty, all kinds of abuse, neglect and exploitation will not allowed to destroy the of our precious children 


We started the sewing project off at our premises, which expanded to a large extent, therefore relocated to our shelter in Bertram’s whereby they have their own sewing room, making linen and handbags etc. to generate a bit of income for the ladies of the Shelter. We think of our children first – Let us work together and make it happen. Our children are our future,

So let us give them the love, support, Care and the life they deserve.

Please help us help our little ones –

We need to do this as a community in general.


No matter how hard I try, no matter how much money I have, no matter the resources I have on hand, there is no way I could have grown this operation to maturity that it is at, without the assistance of our volunteers, sponsors, community members and all spheres of Government Departments as well as my partner, Tony, and my devoted Deaf sister Caroline.  Thank you to our Executive Management & Committee members as well as Deputy Director, Senior Manager, and Supervisor & volunteers that keep striving to uphold the organization together.

For the amount of times that we have dedicated ourselves to the Organization, Homes and the Communities, this is not an easy task, but we strive to do this together as an organization not to see our children not suffer as they are very easy targets.

To Government…

From the Highest Authority to the lowest position in Government,  Local , Region s  Provincial , National thank you.  Without all your hard work and dedication, none of our activities would be possible. It is an honors and privilege to work side by side with all Government Departments

To the Corporate and Public sectors…

A huge Thank you”!  Without your dedication and commitment to Chubby Chums, we would have anything to give the Homes.  From the little man in the small house, to the owners of large corporate companies, thank you.

To Our volunteers

Making calls on the phone all day every day is a job and a half.  The volunteers have difficulties and suffer some rejection, which takes dedication. Thank you to all my volunteers for their commitment to the cause and for the extra hard work that they put into this for the last 19 years. And the community volunteers: which, helps with our community outreach programs.   


Despite the hard times due to our economic climate, most of the Executive members have backed me in my endeavors to help the little ones.   We have overcome many obstacles on a daily basis.         

To my partner, the Financial Director of this Organization…

Tony, “Thank You”! For being my partner throughout the past 19 years.  Your contribution is priceless and I thank you for what we have achieved.   Tony is always the one who would stay at the office while we were at functions.  He would answer the phones and deal with any arising issues as they came along.  Once again, thank you.  He has done the admin from day one and has done it perfectly.                  


Chubby Chums Trust Account                                               Chubby Chums

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Our Offices are situated on the East Rand,                           Contact Number (011) 873 4747 / 825 7773

Street Address: 

136 Cydonia Road                                                                  Fax Number     (011) 873 4747

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