Our dream is to establish Care centers for  all disadvantaged  Community  like HIV/AIDS Mother’s Children and Orphan’s, all Vulnerable children  to give them love and support, And help them to accept their situation and understand that they are able to live in a loving environment. Working with the community to assist other who is worse off than they are. The main goal first of all, is that all children will be safe; in a secure environment our motto is


 We want to create awareness and a responsibility within the society in order to eliminate any harm to our future leaders


Our Director has been trained in all the Protocols of the child Protection, Child Abuse Neglect, exploitation we would like to reduce the high rate of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and abandonment. We also want to build strong  social relationships with the community by doing Child Protection awareness campaign so that our children can be proud of us we need to listen and communicate with our children. We are a community—base (C B O) we provide homes for the children from birth to18 years who are HIV positive, all types of  Abuse like physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse , abandonment, Neglect

We feed, clothe and assist them with their daily needs we run feeding schemes for about 3500 Orphans seven days a week we network with the entire community and provide family counseling when necessary our services include Provide Accommodation, for children that is in need of care  & Protection, Child Abuse prevention, and therapy and treatment Support, HIV and Aids, all information to child Protection, referral services legal assistance life skills training, nutrition support, Organisation support ,psycho—social support ,recreational activities , social welfare support .



Martin has always had a great love for

Children.  His compassionate nature inspired him to provide a very special organization   by soliciting both product and monetary contributions for abandoned, physically, sexually abused and  malnutrition children.  He then realized the great need to assist HIV / AIDS Mothers, Children and Orphans His integrity and capability of sourcing funds Is endorsed by the both local and provisional Government departments.  We have overcome many obstacles on this rocky road with his partner and volunteers, but we have succeeded in what we set out to do Martin. , his partner and 15 volunteers are dedicated to making life a little more bearable by giving the Vulnerable Children lots of love and support. Martin has personally delivered a baby without assistance in a retail store many years ago.  There is nothing that Martin would not do for a child. During the years Martin has gone through more than the average person and on many a night he is called out to assist rape cases, child molestation or even night court involvement.  This destroys him for at least a week. Presently we have a very dedicated   team and trusts it stays this way.  Lastly, with regard to the organizations, I firmly believe that Chubby Chums is totally devoted to them but, more importantly, to the children. 30 different homes

We believes that protecting children and creating a safe and secure environment is everybody’s responsibility   

Working Together to Report Child Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation


_This is in the Children Act   38 / 2005

(CYCC)    Child and Youth Care Centers

Children homes, Place of Safety,

 Shelter for children living and working

 on the streets

Secure Care Facilities, Drop – in Centre

Boarding Schools, School Hostel


Child  Protection Is  EVERYBODY'S  Business

Nobody has the Right to abuse you

Be aware , be Safe