This is a new home. We take child trafficing very seriously!!!


As our founder and director has been trained in the international program of the illumination of child labour, child trafficking, trafficking in persons and been trained as a trainer in child abuse, neglect and exploitation. The Cleveland SAPS, Capt. Nzuza has approached us to help assist and guide and monitor as martin  is a child protection office and he knows how to deal with child protect issues.

This is one of our new homes that we have taken under our wing due to the child trafficking in our country it is a very sensitive issued that we are dealing children that have been trafficked. You would ask yourself why they would do this to our children where they sell our children and make profit.

What is a child trafficking? It seems that when you are taken from the place where you live to another place inside or outside the country in order for the Trafficker to take advantage of our children. You would often been misinformed or tricked into leaving your area, home/work or community.

Who traffics children and when? Strangers or people that you know like your family/neighbors / friend/ girlfriend or boyfriend. Organized gangs, different people are involved at different stages that might also be involved in different activities. It can happen anytime or anyplace.

Reasons for child trafficking. To do illegal or dangerous work, to beg on the streets, to smuggle or sell drugs or illegal adoptions to use you as a soldier in conflict or combat being child soldiers for your body parts or organs for sexual purposes. U are isolated from other people maybe forced to have sex with other people for money, presents, food or favors. The money might be given to a person controlling your situation and allows you to be abused. You would not have any freedom in such situation.

What makes you vulnarable  to be trafficked? Family problems, poverty, having fee or limited opportunities for earning a living and unemployment, lack of education, if you not aware of how to protect yourself, living in different circumstances, living on the streets or involved in petty crime.

The process of Trafficking.

Stage 1 - Recruitment: You are persuaded top leave your home at your own free will, sometimes you will be tricked or deceived into going by being promised a better life.

Stage 2 - Transport: It means that when you are moved. You might be kept hidden or travelled in dangerous or uncomfortable circumstances. The trafficker will usually keep all the travel documents with him/her in order to control you.

Stage 3 - Destination: Arriving at the final destination place where you are going to be taken advantage of.  This is when you find out the truth. Different people might be involved in the processes and you might be abused at different times and stages. Abuse includes forced child labour and sexual exploitation. Please be aware of these situations and please be aware that there is new trafficking act out in trafficking children and adults. Can you now see how dangerous this is to our vulnerable children that are out there?  This is where the child protection system takes affect immediately. We have done a booklet on guidelines for acceptable on household chores with the child labour programme of action this is done with age appropriate  and give them  a sense of responsibility ..


The Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa specifically states that every child has the right to be protected from maltreatment, Child Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation. Regardless of this constitutional right, every day thousands of children around the country are still victims and/or witnesses of physical, sexual and emotional violence and Child Abuse/Neglect and Exploitation.  Children’s   Rights and Welfare of the Child, that provides statutory protection towards providing a better life for children.

Other relevant international instruments and which the country has adopted in reforming the laws pertaining to children are, the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children

Let’s work Together to promote, protect and strengthen families

A Orphanage in Malvern  (cycc ) Child and youth care


The center is all  Welfare And Development  We were told to go to chubby chums for assistants  by DSD and  we are very impressed with the relationship that Chubby Chums has with all spheres of governmental departments. And I was told that Chubby Chums is also looked to by government as a source of knowledge and experience to assist them as they work on the ground and in the felid  and we are looking for lots of assist for this home   We on the verge of getting registered as a ( cycc) Child and youth care  as per children act  The home can accommodate 100 children vulnerable  Between the age  of birth and 18 years  At present we have  10  children  Malvern school has give the home a piece of land and on the piece of land we would like to do a crèche for the children & the home so we can keep the little one of the street  we  have to start from scratch so you can imagine what must been done the list is endless  .We have start assisting that  home  to feed, clothe and take care of the needs of children

The orphanage are  doing  this programs






 This is a outreach program this is where most of the kids they get comfort that they don`t get from their families and relatives. In some case , people from comfortable households find that their circumstances have changed so dramatically as a result of the economic recession that they are forced on to the streets. Welfare and Development & home, day care   seeks to help those abused, abandoned, vulnerable , unwanted , orphaned and reconstruct their shattered lives and seeks long-term solution in which the child is able to return to school and his own family or relatives. To facilitate a safe and neat home environment where the children can find a place of love , care  and protection and where they are experiencing the motherly nourishment physically, spiritually and  Emotionally. This home is a safe net for the children that are very at this vulnerable age. 


Our outreach programs like Soup Kitchens, feeding programs, veggies  gardens     

We are planning to a  Boys dormitory  will accommodate 30 boys

And them a Girls dormitory  will accommodate 30 boys

And  a Baby Sanctuary will accommodate 20 babies

We need to showers & Toilets  for the  Girls and Boys

Home for residential place of safety for  20 children any given time

A Youth interfacing programme ( skills development - workshop – dialogue ) arts and culture

The home also runs a feeding scheme for about 420 vulnerable children , seven days a week. From their premiers 

A  crèche will  be  linked to the Home. The Primary school in Malvern has give us  part of their land to do a crèche for the community in the area   the land is quit big so there for we need  big containers  so we can do this project


We need to do a sponsor a beds room

In the bed room we must have bunk bed it must be metal beds




Let us protect our children , because they are the ones who are going to be scientists of tomorrow

Thousands of children are caught up in the ruthless mercy of been vulnerable

One in three girls  and one in five boys will have been abused by the age 18  many children do not report abuse because they are sworn to secrecy , or they are threatened , bribed or blamed and they live in a state of fear , shame and anxiety.

Child  Protection Is  EVERYBODY'S  Business

Nobody has the Right to abuse you

Be aware , be Safe


Government cannot eliminate the scourge on its own and a multi-sector response is required to address and end child abuse, neglect and exploitation that’s why we are working with Social Development  as a team .

Working Together to Stop Child Abuse.

Working Together to Stop Child Neglect.

Working Together to Stop Child Exploitation.

Working Together to Promote the Importance of ECD.

Working Together to Report Child Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

So please help us to help others children




We have made a remarkable journey, since our beginnings, crosscutting issues all about child protection and the children in need of care and protection. Increased access to safety and care and support for children exposed to abusive, traumatic and difficult situations .A children’s home in Germiston has approached us for assistance and guidance seeing that the government is utilizing us for the children’s protection system and knowledge and experience in the child protection field.

This home is a children’s home where the home has residential programs and can accommodate up to 90 children.

We are utilizing this home to place children that have been neglected, abused or abandoned and the courts only do this.

These children are only placed for a minimum period until we can reunite them back with their families and or foster care is an alternative option.

We currently busy with government to do foster cluster schemes, as this is in the children’s guidelines and principal’s of the children’s act to rather place them with foster care rather then an institution there is a living independent programme that provides long term residential care to children that can not be reunited with their families or placed with an existing

Family member this is where foster care will take place. There is an early learning development program that pays special attention to the children in the residential care who are developing mental delays either due to the different circumstances pertaining to the children or reach developmental milestones in order to reduce the risk of having some or other disability.

As you can see we have a daunting task with all our programs that fall under our hub

This home in Ennerdale

The home was established in 2004 then registered with Department of Social Development in 2005 as a place of safety.  The Health and Social Development Department approached Chubby Chums and enquired whether I was doing anything in Ennerdale Area the Department would like to Partnership with us and to assist the place of Safety .The Place of Safety is under our guidance and we monitor them very closely. We place children by using the form 36 with a court order of the childcare act. 


We use the place of Safety   to place abandoned, Neglect, abused, Sexual, Physical, Emotional, Violence’s abuse, Vulnerable children, Child Trafficking   This is only a temporary placement. We currently restructuring into two sections, whereby the one will be for a place of safety and the second section will be a home. Reason being that the children experience too much trauma when placed into a strange home, therefore they will first be in a place of safety then placed in the home, which is a requirement by the new children’s act. We are now in the process of doing foster clustering for the orphans that are in need of care. The Johannesburg Child Protection Unit places a lot of children in the Place of Safety over night and only by court order. There has been a huge influx of vulnerable children in the area The Place of Safety can accommodate 60 children.  Children bring color to our world if we let them. Let us put some color in theirs by give them lots of love Children bring coolers to our world if you ask them .Why then is it so dark for so many of our children Out their Please? Tel me if you can. We are working with all clinics, S A Police Services, Social Workers and Psychologists to guide their children beyond their post hurts and rejection and their present developmental difficulties   We have spent time with the children at the place of safety. The councilor in the area is looking for land in order to get plans drawn up and arrange for a children’s home, which will be linked to a place of safety at present. A further development is that Government is working towards ECD Centre at the Place of Safety It will be a Kids Corner Day Care at the center the child will be empowering them with the necessary skills.   We are doing a campaign on war on poverty in Ennerdale Area Please help us to help other children as we know that the children of today must sustain our society in the future and with goods education, love and support this would not be possible without help



The S.A.P. of Primrose Const. Cramer of the crime prevention unit    asked us to visit the school / home.  We visit the children on a regular basis and give them as much love and attention as we can as who knows how much time there will be to do so in the future? The children are our future, and ought to be heard. Children are creative and have capabilities and learn through trying. As adults our task is to take their hands and walk alongside to translate their ideas into action. The children need people in their lives to show care, someone to relate to, confide in and to encourage them in their time of need. The children in the homes, with overwhelming problems, can get strong social support that could protect them from depression and strengthen them to cope with the realities of life.   

Ithembelihle, meaning “place of good hope” and is situated in a tranquil environment on the East Rand.  The children suffer from different types of disabilities such as poliomyelitis, muscular dystrophy, spinal bifida, cerebral palsy and amputees.