The abovementioned project is caring for 120 HIV/AIDS positive orphans, destitute children ranging from 3 months to 7 years.  These numbers are about to change due to poverty in the area. We feed them, clothe them and see to their every day needs. The Home has managed to get a church involved which has build a full on Crèche for us to accommodate more little ones.  We would like to do a play area for the little ones to do their outdoor activities. We have drawn up up plans to extend the normal Home so that they can accommodate more children So  that the little ones feel that they are part of the community, being loved, educated and, at the end of the day, become somebody, and contribute to our economy. The home is doing a feeding scheme for the poor and vulnerable three times a week. They also do counseling. They give the children the opportunity to recover from their trauma and abuse.  They also receive therapy.  They work very closely with the schools in the area.  In the near future we would like to help the  informal Settlement with home base care for the terminally ill patients who are bedridden.  There are plans in the pipeline of opening a hospice unit for the very sick children so that they can pass away with dignity.


At present the home has 25 orphans from the age of birth to 17yrs old.  We do assist them with their daily needs. Some of these children are HIV Positive, abused and abandoned. This home was registered with the Department in 2002, and is run by volunteers.  In December a 17yrs old school girl was placed with her child.  The Home is situated in Midrand.  We are in the process of assisting in refurbishing the Home. The home also runs a feeding scheme for about 420 orphans, seven days a week. There is a crèche  linked to the Home.

We are networking with the entire community and offer family counseling, when necessary. The home had to extend our Soup Kitchens in the area for the poor and vulnerable children who are destitute.  We have managed to obtain bigger premises for the home from one of our sponsors Terex Africa,  we  now have drawn up plans to build  on the site  so that we can accommodate more children and make it feel like home. Due to the crisis we have plenty abandoned babies/children. We place these kids on a temporary basis at the home until we can find suitable candidates for fostering or adoption. The reason for expanding the home is due to a huge influx of abandoned babies, and the premises are very small where they are currently based. We must look upon these children as our own and help them look through our eyes so that they can see a future and the rewards that life can offer . You cannot blame children  It does not take anything away from you, if you care for children We need to get together and come to the rescue of vulnerable children  All our children need is some nurturing and to know that somebody cares  Child protection is everyone’s business .You cannot afford to stand by and watch                               


 we are planning to erect a  Boys and Girls’ Village,

Boys village will accommodate 20 boys

Girls’ village will accommodate 20 Girls

                        And then a Baby Sanctuary will accommodate 10 babies

                        A (CRÈCHE)  will be linked  to the Children’s Home

The home is doing a feeding scheme for the poor and vulnerable three times a week .  


 The home Was registered with Dept of Social Development 2004.  She had received a health certificate in January 2003. This home cares for abused mothers and children, and also destitute children aged from birth to 18 years. She has 38 children.  This home is situated in Southern Johannesburg.  Her aims are to accommodate and clothe the destitute, feed and provide all necessities. 


Together we can and shall succeed in meeting their every day requirements.  This is one of our dreams to see this home flourish.  Our aim is to motivate the children  of the centre, give them love and understanding for their social needs.  We see this as being a long term project.


 This particular home needs lots of “TLC”.  They take any person who is destitute.  Nobody receives any grant and the home receives no subsidy at all.  We are currently in the process of liaising with all Government Departments.  They are also very appreciative for anything, and are very humble with any assistance that our organizations gives.