PETUNIA MOON PRE-SCHOOL

Chubby Chums have taken Petunia Moon Pre- School under our wing. We feed 150 children within the community of Vosloorus. Of the 25 orphans living on the premises 6 are infected with the Virus, and are continuously in need of the relevant medication. Our immediate needs are food, nappies, and vegetables, gas etc, although any form of assistance will be greatly appreciated. We have started a soup kitchen which operates three days a week, and can now feed more children, especially those who receive only a bowl of porridge for the entire day. Due to our close relationship with Government we managed to get a Grant for the School.  I sent Sara on an Early Child Development course. Extensions were made to accommodate more children.



Nana who frequently attended Ekurhuleni Health and Social Development meetings where I organized her registration and a grant. The department put her under my guidance and I now monitor her closely. She runs a crèche and has 120 little ones at the crèche Some of these crèches have been closed down so most of the children will be moved to Nana. They  have a  feeding scheme at the crèche  three times a week. We are looking for bigger premises so that Nana can take in more children we have done training with the  crèche and the crèche is doing very well.                  




The Katlehong Child Protection Social Worker contacted me and requested I do an inspection and thereafter report my findings back to them. Everything was in order and I then linked the crèche with Choose Life as a drop off day care Centre which is also in the area.                     


The department had done a site visit and recommended that we assist in the development of her crèche and day care centre, we are in the process of renovating and extending the crèche and day care centre, you’ll now be pleased to know that we have done so and we have extended the centre so that the centre  can accommodate more children. The centre  is running an orphan programme, and after care school centre, we are in the process of capacity building and offer a lot of encouragement, we are providing a safer environment for the learners, by teaching them to recycle plastic etc. she will also undergo further training on early child development .Gladys is very eager to go on Courses where we engage with all government depts. We are very impressed with Gladys  with the way that she has grown and learnt a lot from us. We are  assisting her with her feeding scheme  so the  center can  help more children in the area we can see a big change in the children’s  lives by making a difference . We got hold of  ECDI Institution early child development,  since then we are now able to send them on the necessary courses of early child development. it is lovely to see the children with smiles on their  faces and  so happy.  When we ask the children what does 

Chubby Chums stand for they smile and say “FOOD”.  . On completion of the task I then contacted all government departments and was accompanied by an official to the crèche who was overwhelmed by what we had accomplished in such a short time  .



The ladies run part of the Informal Settlement. This crèche has just been registered and forms part of the Chubby Chums Community Development Project.  On entering the crèche, there are 164 little smiling faces, in the one crèche and 135 in the second crèche.                      




Due to the publicity received, the “Chubby Chums Soup Kitchen for the Local Community” project was initiated in March 2003.  On average, a total of 1550 people were fed daily from the soup kitchen.  Following on from several meetings with the heads of the Informal Settlement and Ekurhuleni management, it was decided that Chubby Chums would manage the process and a driver from the Informal Settlement would collect food 4 days a week. We now have 3 crèches with in the Informal Settlement, We have a new informal Settlement South of Johannesburg,


 We have a lot of vulnerable Children.  The S.A.P. Primrose Sup .Coetzee has approached us requesting assistance in another informal settlement where we are doing our outreach program and community relief food parcels. The informal settlement has been divided into 8 sectors. This is easier to control and manage.   We arrange outings for them Easter hunts, Christmas parties as well as Birthday parties.